Blue Eyeshadow – How to Apply, Put on, Wear, Choose, Match, Best Blue Smokey Eyes and Eyeshadow Looks

Get magical and flattering looks with blue eyeshadows. Learn how to apply, put on, wear, choose best brands, and match with eyeliner and outfit as well as the best blue smokey eyes and looks. You are going be able to make choices, apply and use this eyeshadow more easily after reading this guide.

Best Blue Eyeshadow – How to Choose, Match and Apply Blue Eye Shadows

Rihanna in Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow still bring to memory the popular electric blue eyeshadow in 1980s. Fashion goes and comes but this eye shadow will always remain trendy, especially if you know how to choose a good shade as well as how to match it with good eyeliner and other facial makeup. You can add some modern twist by blending it with metallic shades like silvery blue shade. Let us first look at how to choose a good shade.

How to Choose Blue Eyeshadow – Eye Color, Skin and Hair Color

Before we go to the details of our discussion, you need to know there are many shades of blue eyeshadow that include royal bluedeep bluebright bluedark blue, navy blue, etc. You eye colorskin and other facial features will influence which the shade you will wear. Not everyone can wear it. It looks best for black hair, platinum blonde, gray or brown eyed and dark skinned ladies.

In addition, it works best with brown eyes where people who have dark brown eyes. Girls who are fair skin should go for tones like ocean blue (jewel tones). If you have a darker skin tone, go for intense blue eyeshadows such as aquamarine and sapphire and use bold blue on your lower eyelid as the darkest shade you are using as your eyeliner.

Pale-skinned ladies with brown hair should use it on their lash line and bold dark mascara especially if you are one of the pale girls with some blue undertones in your skin.

Best Blue Eyeshadow – How to Choose, Match and Apply Blue Eye Shadow

Softer Looks

If you however have yellow and peach undertones, bluish purple or blue green eyeshadow will be ideal. People with green eyes can also look great in this eyeshadow but they have to go for subtle shades such as frost blue and should not wear much color.  Lilacs and deep purples will still be great for green eyes.

Cool shades such as lavender and silver will be ideal with people who have pale color skins while warm color shades such as those with gold and yellow undertones will suit girls with dark skin.

When choosing the best shade, you need to know it comes in different forms (gel, shimmer, glitter, powder, etc.) and different color shades which include baby bluesultry navy blue ( for sultry looks), sky bluesapphireoceanic among many other shades with other color undertones.

Finally, there is not magic in choose the best shade for any skin color; you can simply try to see if they work well. Even people who have blue eyes could get some shades that could look well. However, they are generally advised to avoid usingit unless you know how to match them well. What about eyeliners to match up with it?

Eyeliners to Wear with Blue Eyeshadows

From the many best blue eyeshadows listed below, you definitely have chosen a shade that works best for you skin tone and hair color. You also need carefully to choose your eyeliner i.e. something that will match well. Choosing well defining eyeliner can make your eyes pop and add some charm to your general looks.

  1. Using a blue eyeliner – You can choose a darker blue eyeliner shade such as navy blue. You will definitely be using several shades, use eyeliner that matches your darkest shade.  Some makeup artists use the darkest blue eyeshadow as eyeliner and this can help in achieving natural looks.  Dark shade of eyeliner will make your eyes pop.
  2. Metallic colored eyeliner – If you are going for a night out and you want your blue eye shadow to be focal point try metallic eyeliners such as silver or gold. You could also try mysterious purple or bold pink metallic eyeliners. Even shimmery blue metallic eyeliner will still be great. They will give you a bold look.
  3. Brown/Black Eyeliner – Black or brown eyeliner will still match well with most shades of blue. Try chocolate brown eyeliner and use it with colored mascara.

Mascara to Wear with Blue Eyeshadow

Black mascara looks great with blue eye shadow but you should use natural makeup on your cheeks and lips. Avoid colored lipstick such as pink, orange or red. If black mascara is too much, try indigo.  With good choice eyeliner, you can try colored mascara.

Outfit to Wear

Choose simple outfit and avoid complicated hairstyles. A white top will be great since it will not steal attention of your eyes.  Avoid matching your clothes with your eye shadow color. Instead, compliment them.

Best Blue Eyeshadow – Top Brands

You have learnt how to choose these eyeshadows, eyeliners to match with as well as mascara. It is time to buy best brands. It is important you go for quality blue eyeshadow brands and shade if you want best results. We reviewed and read several review on brands before compiling this list of best blue eyeshadow to ensure it is helpful to you. Some of t

he best brands available in the market include:

Best Blue Eyeshadows - Milani Olympian Blue Eyeshadow

Milani Olympian

  • MILANI Power Eyeshadow-MLMBE08 Olympian Blue
  • MAC Contrast Eye Shadow
  • Milani Olympian
  • Stila
  • MAC Contrast
  • Bare Escentuals Azure – Shimmery turquoise
  • NYX Atlantic – Matte royal
  • Make Up For Ever #72 – Matte vibrant turquoise
  • Ben Nye Cosmic  – Matte electric
  • Make Up For Ever #159 – Intense matte
  • FACE Atelier Azure – Frost purple
  • Urban Decay Kiddie Pool – Glittery
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Blue had Me at Hello Palette
  • Laval Palette
  • MAC Pro Palette Refill Makeup TILT

If you love MAC products, they products they have the following brands which you will find very intriguing”

  • MAC Electric Eel
  • MAC Freshwater
  • MAC Prussian
  • MAC Deep Truth
  • MAC Plumage
  • MAC Tilt

Finally, you have not seen your best brand, you have nothing to worry about since this list is not conclusive.  We are neither endorsing and of the above brands.

How to Apply or Wear Blue Eyeshadow – Tutorial

In this part of how to apply blue eyeshadow, the whole process is more or less similar to the general steps followed in applying eyeshadows.  Let us explore some of the ways to apply this eyeshadow that are unique. However, quickly to mention the steps to follow while applying it here is what you should do:

  1. Clean your face and apply face makeup
  2. Apply eye primer (if you need under eye dark concealer you should apply it first.
  3. Generally, the lightest shade of blue is applied on the entire eyelid, medium or darker shade from eye crease to eye lashes.

For soft look – ideal for girls who have blue eyes, apply the lightest shade on your entire eyelid and use the deepest blue eye shadow as your upper lash line.

For bold look – You only need to graduate your shade of soft looks. You will use the deepest shade as eyeliner. Use fair blue eyeshadow shade on your entire eyelid. Finally, use the deepest shade to highlight your eye corners. People with light blue or green eyes will still look great if they follow these steps.

Smokey Blue Eyes – If you want smoky blue eyes, you will follow the steps of bold look but you need to add more drama to it. Use an eyeliner and not eyeshadow as eyeliner, apply darkest shade in your compact on your eye creases and blend to create that illusion you like. Mascara will be required for this look.

Blue Eyeshadow Tips, Secrets, Ideas and Advices

Here, we are going to discuss general ideas, tips and secrets that could transform how you look like. These tips will be very important and will open up several ways to great looks.

1.      Blending It

While you are wearing it, if find it too much, you can blend with other colors to make it less intense especially using natural colors such as gray, tan, brown. They should be applied all over the eyelid and blue should applied on the eyelid creases and thoroughly blended.  Unless you want to attend a 1980s party, do not apply it on your entire eyelid.

There are various ways you can use blend or use it. Using a dark blue shade just above your eyelashes and complimentary colors on the rest of your eyelid will give you a modern look while if you want to look glamorous, use light blue eyeshadow all over your eyelid and metallic tones to highlight your brows. Generally, avoid darker shades towards your brow bone as it will make your eyes recede, unless that is what you want to achieve. Darker colors are used close to the eyelashes.

As you blend your it, remember to use dark and lighter shades. Lighter shades are normally used all over the eyelid while darker shades on certain areas you want to highlight such creases. Shimmering dark blue might be good but not for all time use.

2.      Use at least two blue eye shadow shades

When buying this eyeshadow, ensure you pick a lighter shade to apply on your entire eyelid and a darker shade for your eye creases, corners or as a liner.

If you do not want to buy a blue eyeshadow palette, ensure you go for a quad. This will give you four colors to use which will range from almost a white shade, light blue, deep and navy blue shades. Such a quad can create soft or expressive look, depending on how to use the colors it contains. However, this palette will definitely give you more colors to choose from.

3.      For Night out

If you are going for a night function, remember to use navy blue or dark blue brands on your eye creases. Glittery and shimmery blue will still be ideal for a night out in town.


You have covered comprehensively how to choose the best blue eyeshadow that will match well with your other facial features, eyeliner and mascara. You need to invest in good quality brushes that will make application very easy. Try out various styles and variations to help create your unique look!

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