Eyelash Extensions – How Long they Last, How to Remove, Aftercare, Benefits, Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the best way of having longer, fuller and natural looking eyelashes. However, other than costing a fortune, they need to be taken good care of. In this discussion, we are going to look, how long will your eye lash extensions lasts, after care guidelines, how can you remove lash extensions if you no longer like them and much more.

Eyelash Extensions - Lifespan, Pros, Cons, and After Care and How to Remove Lash Extensionss

After lash Extensions Looks

Eyelash extensions is a relatively new technology that has help people who did not like fake eyelashes or the struggle of putting on fake eyelashes everyday  to have long, luscious, fuller and better looking eyelashes.

We wrote an eye lash extensions guide, which can answer almost all the basic question you might be having about eye lash extensions. However, to ensure you understand better them, we also intend to answer the following concerns in this article:

  • How long do eye lash extensions last?
  • What are the basic after care requirements?
  • How do you remove them?
  • What are their side effects? 

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The answer to the question how long do eye lash extensions last in found both in the types and the kind of care given.

If you have gone for temporary lash extensions, expect them to last for a day. However, if you went for semi-permanent brands such as Eyelash Extension Alluring Silk Lashes C Curl .25 X 8-15mm 8 Sizes in 1 Mixed Tray, they might last for several days to months or until your eyelash fall off naturally.


However, depending on the salon where you went for you lash extensions, the exact or recommended durations varies. Some professionals might recommend going for a touch up after 3 weeks just to replace those, which have fallen off naturally in the case of an eyelash that has grown old and fallen, and a new one has grown or the adhesive bond has been weakened.

Generally, how long eyelash extensions last is dependent on your lifestyle and after care. Things like weathers (extreme coldness, heat or humidity), the number of times you swim and so on will affect duration. Let your Lash technician advice you after how long can you go for refill after elaborating to him on your lifestyle. We hope this answers you concern on how long these extensions will last.

Eyelash Extensions after Care

After you have gone for procedure and you want your eyelash extensions to last for long, there are eyelash extensions after care step and procedures you should adhere to. This will further give you answers to how long do they last you had above. So what are you expected to do if you want them to last long or what are the important after care guidelines should you follow?

  • Avoid wetting your eyelashes for 24 hours after going for eye lash extensions.
  • Do not go for saunas (body steaming) for at least two days as well as avoid hot streams shower streams hitting your eyes.
  • Avoid wearing eyelash curlers as well as rubbing your eyes too much.
  • If you have to use mascara, then apply it on your tips and not the base of your eyelashes and avoid waterproof mascaras.
  • Avoid using any oil based makeup remover.
  • Reduced frequent visits for saunas, hot springs or steam rooms since heat could weaken your eyelash extensions adhesive bonds.
  • Go for touch up after every 3 weeks depending on your eyelash growth cycle. If it is shorter, you need to go sooner and vice versa.
  • Do not pull your new them, as this will weaken them or even remove the whole eyelash (including your natural eyelash).
  • Another important after care tip is to ensuring you maintain normal eye hygiene. It is normal to fall into the temptation of not wanting to clean your eye area since you do not want to wet your eyelashes.

The above eyelash extensions after care guidelines are very important if you want to have your eye lash extensions last longer. However, if you ignore the above eye lash extensions after care guidelines, nothing bad that will happen, except for the fact that your eyelash extensions will not last long.

Advantages of Eyelash Extensions – Pros and Benefits

Eyelash Extensions Guide – Before and After Looks truely natural

Before and After Looks truely natural

When you compare lash extensions to fake eyelashes, they have a number of advantages. Some of these pros, which have seen an increase in demand for eye lash extension, include the following:

  • They require no regular maintenance once you have them as compared to other types of eyelash makeup, which will require you to apply them daily. You need only to follow the above eye lash extensions after care. This makes them ideal for busy mums, brides, etc.
  • The second benefit of eye lash extensions is that you do not need to use mascara or curl your eyelashes if they are well done and they are ideal for ladies who cannot wear mascara for one or the other reason.
  • No more streaking or running of mascara, especially if you do not use a good waterproof mascara, which runs and streaks less
  • They are weightless and they look very natural.
  • They can be used by people who wear contact lenses and you can conduct your day as usual i.e. go swimming, to saunas, shower or whatever without falling off.
  • Finally, on their benefit, they last for a long time. You would need to refill them after 3-4 weeks if you maintain them well. You already have seen while answering how long do last and after care needed that they can indeed last longer if you take good care of them.

These are some of the advantages or benefits of eye lash extensions. You need to start enjoying these benefits too.

Cons of Extension Eyelashes

We have seen the many advantages of eye lash extensions. You must be wondering if there are any disadvantages of eyelash extensions. Of course, there are and they include the following:

  • The first downside is that they are costly. Spending around $700 on a classy salon to get your eyelashes done is not that cheap. You will also need to go for eyelash refill after 2-4 weeks depending on your after care and it costs around 40-60 dollars.
  • You cannot use any oil based eye makeup remover on your eyelids, as this will also remove the waterproof adhesive used for fixing them

Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions

Before you go for eyelash extensions, it is important you understand the fact that there are some of their side effects. These side effects could be affected by the type you go for, the experience of specialist and your aftercare.

The first side effect is sensitivity to the eye lash extension glue used.  Some women experience allergic reactions, especially those who have very sensitive skin. If you are allergic to some types of adhesives, ensure you let your lash technician know about your problem. There are adhesives for sensitive skins. If the allergic reaction is serious, it is advisable you see a physician for further advice.

The second side effect of lash extensions is eye lash loss and breakages. Frequent application can be source of eyelashes breakage, which could affect hair follicles. According to Plastic Surgery Practice website, they could cause traction alopecia if theey cause too much tensile stress on your natural follicle. Women who have very weak follicle may suffer permanent eyelash loss.

The final side effect of eyelash extensions is injury or infection. Unless you use conditions that are sterile, there are chances of germs on the eye lashes extensions causing eye infections, according to Penn State Hershey Medical Center. In extreme cases, eye infection could lead to permanent eyesight loss if treatment is not sought for early enough.

The above side effects of eyelashes extensions are not supposed to make you afraid of eye lash extensions but to make you cautious. You should ensure you have seen a qualified and certified lash technicians if you want to avoid some of these side effects of eyelash extensions.

How to Remove Eye lash Extensions

You went for lash extensions but you no longer need them, what do you do? Can you remove them on your own using an oil based eye makeup remover? Before we go further with the discussion on how to remove them, you should understand that this process is not as easy as in the case of removing fake or false eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions Guide – Wonderful Looks

Wonderful Looks

You need a good remover such as the Eyelash Extension Glue – Remover – Micro Brushes – DVD – Hypoallergenic Non Burn and a good procedure.

If you want to remove eyelash extensions, it is highly recommended you go for an expert. There is the temptation of trying to remove eyelashes extensions on your own. This might turn futile if you do not follow the correct procedure as high-grade surgical glues, which can withstand sweating, water or soap, are normally used bond them. Depending on the relationship you have with your lash technician, he or she might not charge or charge you.

If you try to remove them on your own, you risk damaging your natural eyelashes. This is why you need to ensure you know how to remove eyelash extension properly. We understand there are many suggestions on the internet on how to remove eylash extensions at home or home removal remedies, among many others.  Our advice is going to a technician and you should ensure you observe the following precautions:

  • Do not try to forcefully remove or pluck your eyelashes. This can cause breakage or removal of your natural lashes. In fact, this is one of the reasons, why you should not remove them on your own.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyelashes so much in attempt to remove them using the various recommended home eyelashes extension removal remedies.
  • In case you have pinpricking pain, which could be due, some of your eyelashes sticking together during the process of applying them; go to a professional to help you separate them.

Kindly not that it takes long for eyelashes to grow back and attempting to remove them unsuccessfully might mean you will remain without eyelashes. Read more on whether eyelashes grow back, how long do they take, products to use, etc.


We have comprehensively discussion various aspects concerning eyelashes which include how long they will last, the benefits , cons, how to remove them and some side effects.

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