Eyebrow Threading – How to Thread Eyebrows, Best Tips, Services, Benefits, Cons and Brow Threading with Pictures


What is eyebrow threading? Learn what it is, how to thread eyebrows, advantages, disadvantages and some important tips that will ensure you look perfect. There will be a mention on best eyebrow threading services and threads used.

Eyebrow Threading – Tips, Benefits, Services, How to, Cons of Brow Threading

Threading Brows

Neatly groomed eyebrows can give you a fantastic look and flatter your face frame if you get the correct shape. If done well, it can give you the most defining looks and will work perfectly to people who have very oily skins that might not allow waxing to work property or tweezing. While discussing eyebrow threading, some of the important questions that will be answered in this article include the following:

  • What is Brow Threading?
  • How do you thread eyebrows?
  • How Much Does Eye brow Threading Cost/Prices?
  • What are the benefits  and disadvantages of eye brow threading?
  • What are some of the tips, secrets and advises for threading eyebrows?
  • What are the best threads to use?
  • How do you get the best eye brow threading services?

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is an ancient eye brow hair removal, which originated from India and Eastern world especially China, Egypt, and Arab world. The service was initially offered in the west to Middle East clients but with time, it was later embraced in the west (America and Europe). The process involves the use of a specially designed thread, which is doubled, twisted and rolled over the areas where you want to remove eyebrows hairs to pluck them, just as tweezing. Hair is removed from the follicle and the technique is common amongst Indian actresses and movie stars. However, it  plucks short lines of hair and not a single hair at a time.

Eyebrow threading is often used in raising brow arch, getting rid of unibrow, shape eyebrows as well as help in defining eyebrows. You will be expected to thread eyebrows after about 2 to 4 weeks depending on how fast your brow hairs grow. For those who are not very familiar with it, they need to understand that threading is not only use to remove brow hairs but also other body hairs.

Eyebrow Threading Thread

Unless you go to eyebrow threading salon, you need to have the eye brow threading kit and thread. Of course, the thread has to be made from 100% pure cotton and should be sterilized to avoid any infection. I find many people asking if the thread similar to the one is used for sewing. The answer is yes. However, this does not mean you can take the normal thread and use it. It has to be even, treated with anti-bacterial and it should have a uniform structure to ensure it rolls smoothly on your skin. This will ensure it is safe for threading.

Some of the good eyebrow threads include:

  • Eyebrow Threading Thread Vanity Box of 10
  • Organica Eyebrow Thread Box of 8 Spools
  • Griffin 40 TKT Eyebrow Threads Threading Eyebrows & Face Coats Brand
  • Helix Threadease, Home Hair Remover & Threading Tool.

How to Thread Eyebrows – Steps

Eyebrow Threading - How to Thread Eyebrows Steps and Tips - Holding on the knot

Holding on the knot

Eyebrow Threading - How to Thread Eyebrows Steps and Tips - Tie Knot

Tie Knot

Do you find  tweezing too clumsy and waxing almost peeling your skin? You need to learn the steps on how to thread eyebrows. Of course, it is highly recommended that you go to a pro to thread your brows. However, if you know how to thread eyebrows, why not do it? So, what are the steps to follow to thread eyebrows?

  • To do it easily, begin by using your brow pencil dray the desired shape. If you do not know how to shape eyebrows, we have written a comprehensive guide on brow shaping and the best eyebrow shapes.  See the Best Eyebrow Shapes for Different Face Shapes and Professional Brow Shaping Guide  with How to, Tips, Men and Women.
Eyebrow Threading - How to Thread Eyebrows Steps and Tips - Twisting the thread

Twisting the thread

  • Take your eyebrow threading thread and tie ends together. Any thread pieces beyond the knot should be cut off and it should form a circular shape after you have tied it.
  • The next steps on how to thread eyebrows will be holding the circular thread with the knot on one hand and the opposite part on the other hand.
  • Twist the thread about six times while ensuring the hand holding the knot does not release it to go the center. This will form hourglass shape like or an infinity symbol.

    Eyebrow Threading - How to Thread Eyebrows Steps and Tips - Opening one finger and pinching the other

    Opening one finger and pinching the other

  • Hold the ends of each loop formed using your index and thumb finger and before you begin threading your eyebrows, practice by opening or stretching out the index and thumb fingers apart on one hand while closing on the other hand (open one side and pinch the other). This will cause the middle part you twisted to remove hair (as the twisted part slides).
    Eyebrow Threading - How to Thread Eyebrows Steps and Tips - Scissor Movement

    Scissor Movement Illustration

    Practice making this scissor like motions until you is perfect.

  • Now, it is time to begin threading eyebrows. Hold the thread in such a way that your fingers will be facing away from your face and position the triangle formed (or V shape) next to the eyebrows you want to thread. The eyebrow hairs to be plucked should be within the triangle formed by the thread, close to the thread tip.
  • Since eyebrow threading is done in the opposite direction of hair growth, you should open the hand that will move the (twisted part) thread against the direction of eye brow growth while you close the other hand (controlling hand).
    Eyebrow Threading - How to Thread Eyebrows Steps and Tips - the scissors movement

    The scissors movement

    Afterwards, quickly make an opposite motion (scissor) while ensuring the thread is touching the skin. This will get the eyebrow hairs plucked.

These are the basic steps for any kind of threading, including brow threading. You should repeat the process until all the brow hairs you want to remove are all done. This instructions might not be so clear and you have to watch the below video guide.

How to Thread Eyebrows Video Guide

Of course, the above steps on how to thread eyebrows might not be very clear. To see exactly how to thread eyebrow, you need to watch the below video on eyebrow threading.

<iframe width=”576″ height=”324″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/F37Sl1c7BA0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Advantages or Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

There are benefits of eyebrow threading that has made this method of hair removal to be very popular, even in the western world where it was never popular. Most of them have made the process to be highly recommended even by top makeup artists and celebrities. So what are some of the benefits?

Eyebrow Threading - How to Thread Eyebrows Steps and Tips- Reverse the Movement

Brow Threading – Reverse the Movement

  • When compared to eyebrow waxing and tweezing, it is more precise and it will give better eyebrow shapes i.e. well defined shapes. This is due to the fact that unlike eyebrow waxing and tweezing, threading is able to remove brow hairs in a straight line. This will be great on areas where you need straight lines. Tweezing is supposed to be accurate too but the fact that you remove a single hair often makes many people to overdo it unknowingly.
  •  The other benefit of eyebrow threading is being gentle to your skin compared to waxing which can peel the skin as you rip it off your eyebrows. Threading does not stretch the skin and it will therefore remain elastic and look younger. Only hairs will be removed without touching your skin. Furthermore, most people often report that the method is also less painful than waxing or tweezing.
  • Eyebrow threading is a natural way of hair removal that does not involve the use of chemicals that might be harmful to your sensitive skin.
  • It is much quick and saves time compared to tweezing. A session will take less than 15 minutes. If for instance you have to tweeze a bushy eyebrow, you are bound to spend a lot of time.  Even when compared with eyebrow waxing, it takes comparable time besides the many advantages already mentioned.
  • The other benefit is low cost. You do not need any expensive chemicals when using this method and this makes it relatively inexpensive.
  • Some medical conditions and medications often push people to this method of eyebrow removal. In many instances, most dermatologists advise people with acne and or using acne medications such as accutane, tropical retinoid creams, etc to use eyebrow threading only.
  • Finally, it is considered to help reduce the dense regrowth of eyebrows since each time you go for this method, your hair follicles are lifted and some of them might become weak and not have hairs growing again. This will lead to natural thinning of a thick eyebrow.

Disadvantages or Cons

Although it has it has many benefits, there are a few disadvantages of eyebrow threading. Some of them are not directly related to the process while others are. Here are the main disadvantages of eyebrow waxing:

  • The first challenge that faces this procedure is its availability. You will not get many brow threading salons in most locations. There are also far much less reputable eyebrow threading professionals whom you can rely on, as well as salons.
  • Just like the other brow removal techniques, threading often causes brow skin reddening. Some people end up getting follicle infection as they are threading their eyebrows.
  • Although not so much,it often involve some skin contact, which might cause skin burns, just as waxing.

Getting Best Eyebrow Threading Services

When looking for the best eyebrow threading services, you need to go to very experience people who will do it correctly. Some salons might be seen as cheap but their services are equally poor quality. Going to such salons is likely to create uneven eyebrows, eyebrow hair breakages, ingrown hairs and much pain.

Therefore when looking for the best services, look at their reputations, customer rating and feedback, client photos, customer comments, online reviews, and the formal training that the various technicians. Your friends and family should also help you choose the best eyebrow threading services or salons. The last thing you want is getting your eyebrow messed up.

It does not matter if you are in Chicago, Huston, Orlando, Jacksonville FL, Seattle, Pasadena, Colombia SC, Madison, Tucson, NYC or Pittsburgh, you are bound to get good eyebrow threading services which will give exceptional services.

Eyebrow Threading Tips, Secrets and Advices

We have covered how to thread eyebrows, what it is, benefits, disadvantages and how to get a good service. You even have an idea of how much it costs to thread eyebrows. It is time to look at some eyebrow threading tips, secrets and advises to ensure you have a perfect looking eyebrow.

  • When looking for the best service, always ensure you ask if the people working in the salon you have gone to have been formally trained or not. Trained professionals will give you superior results and better looking eyebrows.
  • Ensure you effectively communicate with your esthetician on the brow shape you want, kind of eyebrow arch, and so on. If possible, carry photos of the looks you want. However, if you went to a well trained and talented professional, he or she should be able to come up eyebrows that will best flatter your facial features.
  • Immediately after threading, take about two hours before you can put anything on your eyebrows including eyebrow cleansers, moisturizers or makeup as this could make bacteria to enter into your open pores.
  • Do now wait for your eyebrows completely to be messy. Ensure you go for touchups whenever you realize your brow hairs have grown above your skin.
  • In between your brow threading appointments, avoid using a razor to cut some of the eyebrows that might have grown. This will bring the same effect as shaving and will encourage growth of more course and thicker eyebrows. Consistent use of razor can encourage of ingrown hairs and you might grow too much hair.
  • Since eyebrow waxing removes a row of hairs at a time, ensure you do not take more hair than you intended.
  • Ensure the thread does not catch your skin, as this will be very painful.
  • The final  tip is ensuring you have washed your face before you begin the process. This will remove any dead skin that might be present.


From the above lengthy discussion on how to thread eyebrows, tips, secrets, threads, prices, benefits, disadvantages and much more, you must have learn a lot. You need to be careful while going for brow threading especially in choosing the best eyebrow threading services as it will make a difference.

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