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Eyebrow hair loss is an unfortunate happening to many people since eyebrows help in giving your face a frame and charming looks. Imagine how you would look like without prominent features on your face such as eyebrows. You can see how funny each of the celebrities with no eyebrows looked like. Although ignored by many people, eyebrow loss is a problem that exists and afflicts about 3 million Americans every year.

What Is Eyebrowor Brow Hair Loss?

Eyebrow Loss – Causes, Remedies, Treatment and Cures

Eyebrow Loss

Eyebrow loss otherwise medically known as superciliary madarosis is a condition of partial or total absence of eyebrows on someone’s face. We are not talking about people who are born with naturally few eyebrows or thin ones but the sudden reduction on eyebrows or them falling off. The loss could be temporary or permanent depending on what cause it.

Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

To be able to deal with eyebrow loss, you need to understand what causes loss of eyebrows could be caused by a number of problems, which include the following:

Over plucking and Eyebrow Makeup – The first cause of your brow losses is over plucking and vigorous use of brow makeup such as brow pencil,dyes, and tints, among many others.

As you try to shape your eyebrows, you need to understand that repeated plucking of eyebrows can cause permanent eyebrow hair loss. It is therefore a good practice to pluck eyebrows as soon as very necessary. Furthermore, vigorous use of brow makeup has also been found to cause eyebrow loss. When using brow pencil, avoid rubbing your eyebrows so much as this will cause eyebrows to begin falling off.

Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Causes of Brow Hair Loss

Poor Diet – The second cause of eyebrow hair loss is poor diet. People who do not get sufficient nutrients to support their body system and hair growth are bound to experience this problem. Lack of proteins, minerals and vitamins can cause not just losses of eyebrows but general body hair loss. Sulfur for instance is one of the important nutrients, which if not eaten in correct amounts could cause hair loss.

Chemotherapy – Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can cause permanent hair loss including your scalp and eyebrow hairs. Some of the cancer treating medications that cause loss of eyebrows include paclitaxel, carboplatin, 5-fluorouracil, cisplatin, bleomycin, actinomycin-D, vincristine, altretamine, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin and etoposide. You will typically begin experience hair loss including eyebrow hair loss after two weeks of using any of the above medications. People who are suffering from skin cancer will be most affected by this problem while undergoing treatment.

Hypothyroidism – People who are suffering from hypothyroidism or lowly active thyroid glands often experience hair losses on their scalp as well as their eyebrows. Eyebrow loss and thinning might be a late sign. Other symptoms you should watch for to know if your loss of eyebrows is caused by this condition include constipation, weight gain, dry skin, chronic fatigue and general weakness. This is one just of the many other endocrine diseases or imbalances could cause it. Other autoimmune disease such as Lupus Erythematosus and vetiligo have been found to make people to loose eyebrows.

Atopic Dermatitis – Common skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, which is a form of eczema, can cause loss of eyebrows. This condition will form itchy red patches and when the skin around your eyes is affected by this conditions, you will have inflammations, swelling and eyebrow hair loss. This condition is often worsened or aggravated by cosmetics and skins that irritate your skin, especially people with sensitive skin. If you are suffering from other common skin disease such as seborrhea, contact dermatitis, psoriasis among others, expect to suffer from brow hair losses.

Alopecia Areata – Alopecia areata is not a condition that only causes scalp hair losses but also general hair loss on your body. This happens when hair follicles are seen as a germ or infection, which the immunity has to fight them i.e. an autoimmune disease. As it is fighting it, you will not have hair growth, even on your eyebrows.

Hansen’s disease – Hansen’s disease, popularly known as leprosy could cause loss of eyebrows. This condition is cause by infection of a bacterial known as mycobacterium leprae and if it affects your eyebrows region, you expect to lose some eyebrows i.e. if it affects your eyebrow skin region, a place it often afflicts, you could suffer from permanent eyebrow hair loss as ‘Tulay Cakiner-Egilmez, Ph.D., R.N’ reports in ‘Journal of the American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses’. This and other infections that can cause loss of eyebrows.

Trauma – Trauma is another cause of eyebrow loss. If you are involved in trauma in your brow area, afterwards, your eyebrows might not grow. This is more common to people who are suffering from damaged eyebrows.

Growth on Eyebrows – Some common growths on brow aresa such as warts or any unusual growth could hamper eyebrow growth. Skin growth cause a thick barrier that is shell like and it will make it impossible for eyebrows to penetrate them thus you will not have regrowth. Some of the common growths include moles, hemangiomas, seborrheic keratosis among many others.

Other conditions, which can cause eyebrow hair loss, include infection by a number of fungal infection, which are common, both on your scalp and eyebrow areas, affliction by pests such as lice, which will cause itching, and scratching. Infiltrating disorders such as scars, alopecia mucinosis, and sclerosing disorder could also cause brow hair loss. If you are heavily using any of the following drugs, they could also cause eyebrow hair loss:

  • Antihypertensive – Propranolol, Clonidine, Atenolol, Captopril
  • Antidepressants /Emotional Stabilizers/Psychotics – Prozac, Haldol, Lithium, Amitriptylene, Imipramine Sinequan(Doxepin),
  • Seizure Medication – Phenytoin (Dilantin),  Valproic Acid , Phenobarbital.


Prevention is better than cure, so they. Can you really prevent or stop losing your brows? Is there a way to prevent eyebrow hair loss? Depending on the cause, it is possible to prevent them. You need to stop the causative reason. For instance, if you have been over plucking, tweezing or threading, you need to stop it until your eyebrows have grown again. If your eyebrow loss is caused by some medications you are using, whenever possible, stop using them. However, if you are attending chemotherapy session for instance, it is not practical to stop your sessions as a ways of preventing this loss.

Another way of preventing eyebrow loss is ensuring you have a balanced diet that has all the necessary nutrients. Your diet should have many fruits, vegetable as well as lean protein. You can supplement your vitamins supply using multivitamins.

Try Eyebrow Growth Products

If you notice that your eyebrows are disappearing or becoming scarce, you should consider the various eyebrow growth and conditioning products. Some of the products that have shown changes include the following:

Eyebrow Growth Products


 Eyebrow Growth Serum

Treatment of Eyebrows Hair Loss

Eyebrow Loss – Eyebrow Revitalizer

Eyebrow Revitalizer

Currently, there is not approved FDA way of treating eyebrows. However, as you struggle to treat eyebrow hair loss, you need to know the cause. This will ensure you are able effectively to treat the condition. Of course, eyebrows loss treatment does not have many options except for eyebrow transplants. Here are some of the ways to treat this condition:

  • People suffering from brow loss caused by alopecia areata can opt for the corticosteroids injections on areas they are experiencing loss of eyebrows. This will stimulate eyebrows to grow back but they might be of different colors or texture.
  • Try some of the eyebrow enhancing cosmetics, which might help improve the appearance of your eyebrows. You also get a number of eyebrow stimulating products, which have been found to help people who are suffering from particularly alopecia areata, as the American Academy of Dermatologists reports. Some products such as minoxidil lotion such as Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol, Easy-to-Use Foam has been reported to help in preventing eyebrow hair loss and it is very safe for both men and women (choose the right one depending on your gender).
  • Hormone therapy is often recommended to people who are suffering from hypothyroidism.
  • Try eyebrow growth serums as well as eyebrow growth conditioners as they can help renew growth of your eyebrows.

If above methods of treating eyebrows do not work, and you are really looking bad without eyebrows, you could consider going for eyebrow transplants. This medical surgical procedure will involve using micro grafts in filling any of the already missing eyebrows or full eyebrow reconstruction.  Read more on eyebrow transplant to get procedure, risk, dangers costs and much more.

Natural Home Remedies for Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow Loss – Cure and Treatment of Eyebrows Before and After

Cure and Treatment – Before and After

Instead of spending a fortune going for eyebrow implants, or expensive medication, some of which might not work as effectively as promise, you could natural ways to treat eyebrow loss. There are many natural eyebrow treatment ways and you need to try one if it does not work, go to the other one. Most of them are based on the principle they help hair growth generally. So what are some of the natural remedies to eyebrow losses?

Castor, coconut and olive oil – Before you go to bed, cover your eyebrows with castor, olive or coconut oil. All these oils are known to help in eyebrow hair growth and they will be a good natural way to grow eyebrows. Some people will often advice you to message your eyebrow using this oils, that will be ok but you should not be so vigorous.  Evening primrose oily has also been found to be very effective stopping eyebrow hairs loss.

Onion Juice – The other natural remedy to eyebrow hairs loss is squeezing the onion juice on your eyebrows. This has been reported by many people to aid in growth of new eyebrows. I know you are wondering how you are going to smell onions on your face. It is for your better good.

Stop Eyebrow Plucking – As we saw, the use of brow makeup and plucking could the cause you are losing your eyebrows. If this is the cause of your eyebrow loss, you should stop plucking eyebrows and give them a chance to grow. You should also reduce vigorous use of eyebrow makeup especially eyebrow pencil.

In the meantime, as you wait for your eyebrows to grow, you can use makeup correctly to help hide the fact that you do not have eyebrows or you have very few. Correct use of brow pencil and  thin brow filling can be of great help.

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Have you ever suffered from eyebrow loss? How did you deal with the problem?


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