Bushy Eyebrows – Tips & Advice on How to Trim, Fix Big Bushy Eyebrows for Men, Girls, Actors with This Brows

What are bushy eyebrows? How do you trim or fix big them? Bushy and luxurious eyebrows are so fashionable they say. Others argue otherwise. We are going to discuss how to fix such for both men and women, some male  or actors  and celebrities with very big bushy eyebrows and give advice on whether to trim or not trim bushy eyebrow for men.

Bushy Eyebrows – Tips, Advice, How to Trim Bushy Eyebrows and Celebrities with Bushy Eyebrows

Bushy Brows

What Do those Who Have Bushy Eyebrows Say?

Proponents of bushy eyebrows have many reasons why they think they are fashionable. When we asked a few people why they though bushy brows were great, this is what they have to say:

  • They are super hot and very gorgeous
  • They make faces that is sexy more sexier
  • They are wild, with no inhibition and so free.
  • They are bold, mysterious and they give the face a sexy frame.
  • Having bushy brows is like having abs.
  • Bushy brows are so thick and will make you charm.

These are the feeling that people have towards bushy brows, especially men, who love such eye brows. However, there are those who feel that such brows are a way to backward evolution. Whichever way you look at them, you are right. While discussion bushy eyelashes, there are a number of questions which will answer which include the following?

  • Which male celebrities have big/bushy brows?
  • How do you get Brows that are big/bushy?
  • How do you shape bushy brows?
  • How can women and men trim bushy eye brows?

Male Celebrities  and Actors with Bushy Eyebrows

If you love to have big and bushy eyebrows, some of the celebrities who have them include the following.

Bushy Eyebrows - Male Celebrities with Bushy Eyebrows

Male Celebrities with Big Brows

  • Stephen Frost
  • Peter Gallagher
  • Jimmy Carl Black
  • Joe Jonas
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Colin Farrell
  • Ian Somerhalder
  • George Clooney
  • Josh Hartnett
  • Chace Crawford
  • Jason Schwartzman
  • Chris Noth

Advice for Bushy Eyebrows on Men

If you are a man who has bushy eyebrows, you can make them look better by trimming them. There is nothing wrong with trimming your eyebrows as they can improve your image especially those in corporate world. Your female customers and clients will often notice how bad your brows are.  You do not want to look like Andy Rooney who despite being a great commentator, he has very unruly and bushy eye brows, which have never been trimmed.

Bushy Eyebrows – Men Eyebrow Trimming

Men Eyebrow Trimming

While most men imagine there is nothing wrong with their bushy-like eyebrows, it could be a distraction to other people, especially women. You do not want to look old, untidy and unkempt. It is therefore very important you learn how to trim your bushy eyebrows. In addition, as a man, you only need to trim your brows and not pluck them. Plucking eyebrows often causes some of them not to grow back and you will have some pare sports.

How to Trim Bushy Eyebrows for Men

How men trim bushy eyebrows should be different from the way women are going to trim theirs. They do not need to overdo it, as it will be very noticeable. You need to know the type of eyebrows you have.

  • Men with fine eyebrow hairs will find trimming very easy since such eyebrow hairs tend to be flat and not very long.
  • Some men have thick eyebrows. Such brows are often a bid difficult to trim and they tend to be spiky when trimmed.
  • For those who have curly eyebrow hairs, they should ensure they have trimmed the curls, as they will make them look older.

When trimming, spool your hair from the bottom of the brow upwards using a spooling brush (brush straight upwards to reveal the shape of your brows). Once you have spooled your bushy eyebrows upwards, using a trimmer, cut any hair that will be above your spooling brush. Some people will comb them upwards and whatever is above the comb is trimmed. You need to be careful and cut only a bit at a time. Eyebrow scissors can also be used instead of an eyebrow trimmer.

The final step will be finishing off and correcting any mistakes. You need to use an eyebrow gel and apply it from inside out. This will help in keeping individual eyebrow hairs in place and give you a chance to correct any mistakes, which might include spiky eyebrow hairs, and some bald spots.

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How to Do Bushy Eyebrows for Women – Girls Big Eyebrow Trimming

Bushy eyebrows can make women’s face to look less tidy other than poorly framing her face. If you are women who have bushy brows, you need to fix them. You will end up looking tidier and your eyes will be much more gorgeous. If you are teenager, it is a good idea to first talk with your parents because they might be surprised to see you new look once you do your brows.

What do you need?

  • A Good Eyebrow Pencil
  • A Good Tweezers – Slant Prefered such as Revlon Experts Tweezer
  • Mirror
  • Small Scissor
  • Mascara brush or wand
  • Eyebrow brush or a comb with fine teeth

Steps for Fixing Bushy-Looking Brows

1.  Shaping and trimming – Begin by shaping your bushy eyebrows by brushing them straight up to reveal your eyebrows natural shape. If you have any brow hairs that are longer than others are, trim them using your small pair of scissors.

2.  If you are not able to get the natural eyebrow shape, you can take your time to come up with the new shape you want. Your eyebrow pencil can help you trace the shape you need. Any hairs that are outside the shape you want should be plucked.  It is important to ensure while shaping your eyebrows, they are symmetrical and eyebrow stencil could help you if you have one.

3.  When plucking or tweezing your eyebrow, you need to first pat your brows with a warm piece of clothe to make follicles looser. You then should use your tweezers to pluck any unwanted eyebrow hairs by a jerk movement. Ensure you pluck only one eyebrow hair at time.

4.   The space between your eye brows should be equal or slightly wider than the distance between your inner eye corners. On the outside edges of your eyes, your eyebrows should end on where the diagonal imaginary line from your nostril passing through outer eye corner meets the eyebrow.

5.  Once you are through with tweezing your eye brows, you can sooth them by massaging with light sand or use wet teabag to sooth it.

6.   It is advisable to avoid plucking your eyelashes so much until they become very thin, as this will make your eyes to look much bigger and overwhelming. You should also apply some moisturizer and do it before going to bed so that when you wake up in the morning, the redness will have disappeared.

General Bushy Eyebrow Tips

Bushy Eyebrows – Big Bushy Eyebrows Do not Look Great

Big Bushy Brows Do not Look Great

We have seen both how to trim bush eyebrows for men and women. The above steps and insight were definitely very important. However, to make everything better, it is good to follow the below bushy eyebrow trimming tips, secrets, advice and ideas.

  • If you have bushy eyebrows, they are there for a reason, probably to help balance other facial features you have. You need to be very careful when trimming them since you might blow your other facial features out of proportion.
  • When trimming bushy eye brows, it is important for men to reduce amount of hair they cut since they might end up look feminine. Women can cut more eyebrow hairs but they should also be careful. The general rule is not to make your eyebrows too thin when compared to your face as this can make you look outdated.
  • Men and teenagers can look great by only trimming their eyebrows. Women might need to do more on their eyebrow.
  • If you are not certain on how to fix your bushy eyebrows and you have money, it is always advisable to go to a professional salon, as this will guarantee you best looks. However, if you know how to do it or follow the above steps on how to fix bushy eyebrows, there is no problem.
  • Avoid waxing them unless you are certain on how it is down.
  • Avoid reshaping your brows if you do not know how to do it as you might mess up your brows and it will take long before they grow again.
  • Do not share any of the things you use while trimming or tweezing your brows.


You now know the general advice for men who have big and unruly brows, how to trim bushy eyebrows for men and women as well as some celebrities who have such eyebrows. The above tips for taming these brows should help you.

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