Best Eyebrow Powder – Tips, How to Apply, Use and Choose Brow Powders Tutorial

Nothing defines eyebrows better and naturally more that eyebrow powder. Learn what they are, how to choose them as well as some of the best eyebrow powder brands. You will afterwards go through a step-by-step guide or tutorial for using them before you learn some secrets, tips and ideas for perfect looks. You will also know how to decided whether to go for brow pencil or powder.  

Best Eyebrow Powder – Tips, How to Choose and Apply Eyebrow Powder

Best Brow Powders

What Eye Eyebrow Powders

Eyebrow powders are beauty cosmetic powder/cake products used to fill, define, and create subtle natural looks on brows when compared to brow pencils or liquid tints. In addition to that, it can create more volume to people with sparse eyebrows as well as add color for those who have eyebrows with a very faint color. When compared pencils, they are much easier to apply and will give even looks, especially if applied with a good eyebrow stencil in place. It is normal to find eye brow powder packed with tinted brow wax or eyebrow powder pencil as well as an brow brush or applicator.

How to the Best Choose Eyebrow Colors

There are many types and brands of eyebrow powders. It is therefore very important to ensure you are careful in choosing them. Among the common consideration when choosing eyebrow powers you should consider include the following:

  1. Color – They come in many different colors. Ensure you choose a color that will compliment your hair and facial features. Some of the common colors include blonde, shades of black, shades of brown (ranging from dark, soft to medium brown), grey, auburn, putty and many other colors. Going for a too dark eyebrow powder color could make look older that you are while a very light color shade will not be able to define your brows.
  2. Properties – some of them are waterproof while others are not. You need to be certain of the kind you are purchasing. A good brand should be water resistant or waterproof eyebrow powder to avoid it running when you sweat or rained on as well as be mineral oil free.
  3. Ingredients – some people have very sensitive skin, which can be irritated easily. It is important to consider the ingredients it contains to ensure they do not irritate your skin or cause allergic skin reaction. Furthermore, a good eyebrow powder should be able to condition your eyebrows and should have some vital vitamins such as C and E.
  4. Costs – cost of the brand you are buying is very important and it has to be within your ability. Buying the most expensive brow powder does not mean it will be best in terms of quality.

When choosing or buying eyebrow powders, it is important to consult from any makeup artist you know to assist you make a wise choice.

Best Eyebrow Powder – Top Brands

Best Eyebrow Powder – MILANI BROW FIX Eye Brow Powder Kit

MILANI BROW FIX Eye Brow Powder Kit

We have looked at how to choose the best powders for your brows. It is time to mention a few best eyebrow powders you can go for if you have no idea on what to buy. We reviewed a number of products, looked at user ratings, reviews and comments before listing them. The list of best eyebrow powders kits is not conclusive and you should not worry if you do not see your favorite brands.

  • Bare Escentuals
  • Anastasia
  • Clinique
  • NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Cake Powdesr
  • Dolly Wink
  • MILANI BROW FIX Eye Brow Powder Kit
  • Vanity Mark Ultra BrowPowder & Pencil
  • Laura Mercier Brow
  •  Ardell Eye Brow Eyebrow Defining Powders

To get best deal, begin by comparing prices of the various best brow powders. Furthermore, ensure you know the color you are going for since each of the above best eyebrow powder brands come in different colors. You also have the obligation of reading user reviews, ratings and comments to be able to make an independent smart choice.

How to Apply Eyebrow Powder – How to Use Tutorial

Best Eyebrow Powder – Tips, How to Choose and Apply Eyebrow Powders

Applying Brow Powders

If applied properly, eye brow powder can help define your eyebrows and give you a very balanced look. You probably have gotten the best eyebrow powder of color you like. It is time to look at the steps on how to apply powder. Generally, this easy process will take a few minutes.

Before applying eyebrows powder, you should have already done the other eyebrow makeup routine tasks, which might include tweezing, shaping, trimming, etc. We are not going to discuss those steps since they have been comprehensively covered independently. See more

Steps to Follow When Applying Eyebrow Powders

  1. Clean your eyebrows and brush them using an eyebrow brush or mascara wand.
  2. Dip your angular brow brush in to your powder and begin applying it from inner eyebrow working outwards using light strokes. You will simply brush the color over them. It is advisable to begin with less amount of brow powder and you can always increase the amount.
  3. When applying at the outer edges of your eyebrows follow the shape your eyebrows and ensure you use very steady strokes.
  4. Using a clean mascara wand or brush, go over the eyebrows to help in blending them.
  5. If there are any places, which missed the it, you can reapply and again blend until you get the exact looks you want.

Eyebrow Powders Tips, Ideas, Advices and Secrets

Best Eyebrow Powder - Before and After Looks

Before and After Looks

Applying eyebrow powder is a very easy task that needs less than two minutes after you have practiced for some time. If you follow the above steps on how to apply them and the few eyebrow tips, secrets and ideas below, your work will match professional makeup artists.

  • When buying brow powders, you can go for those that can be applied dry and wet. Such powders are very important since they can be used to create both bolder looks if you apply them with a moist brush and subtle looks when you apply them dry. This way, you will be able to achieve the two looks without having to change your brow powder.
  • People who find eyebrow powder so cumbersome can opt for powder brow pencil, which has a creamy gliding tip that is very soft since they mimic powders. Some people find it easier to use this pencil instead of powder alone.
  • If you have over plucked eyebrows, you should use the brow pencil since it can give better results that using powder. Some people will often use both the two in ensuring they get perfect looks. You can outline your brows and fill them using your pencil before filling them with your  powder.


Eye brow powders are less time consuming and very easy to apply. They will give you softer and most natural looks. Follow the above steps on how to apply them and well as tips, everything will end up looking great. However, ensure you have correctly choose your eye brow powders to ensure you have the best eyebrow powder brands since they can affect the results you get.

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