Oriental Eyes – Meaning, Origin, Eye Makeup, Tips for Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow for Oriental Eyes

Oriental eyes have many controversies and heated exchanges while some people regarding them as charming while others think otherwise. The truth is that these eyes are a charm that forms part of the bewildering Asian beauty that everyone admires. We are going to discuss what they are, their origin as well as oriental eye makeup tips including eyeliners, eyeshadow and mascara.

Oriental Eyes - Creating Smokey Eyes

Creating Oriental Smokey Eyes

What Are Oriental Eyes?

Oriental eyes refer to the type of eyes that have an extra fat layer that makes them to look as if they are ‘slits’. Furthermore, they tend to have narrow eyelids with an epicanthal fold on which the upper eyelids medially overlap. They are commonly found in Asia, especially among the Chinese people who live in the Northern parts of China. It is very difficult to say if there is any different between them and the Asian eyes since they are much similar.

Origin of Oriental Eyed People

On the origin of oriental eyed people, many theories have been forward with some of them saying that these eyes are due to evolution whereby they were formed as people tried to adapt to the cold weather that is snowy and has sunny glares. The narrowing of the eyelids of these eyes is considered helpful in reducing amount of sun glare on the snowfields.

Another common feature you will find in people with them is fat padded flattened face, which is an adaption to reduced heat loss on the face.

Anthropology researches on linguistics of oriental eyed people have shown some evidence that the people who have  them originated from Himalaya Mountains and migrated to Tibet. In fact, people who moved to the tropical parts of South East Asia have reduced fat padding and flatness as opposite to the people from Northern parts of China, which is colder with sun glares from snow.

Oriental Eye Makeup Tips

Oriental Eyes – What They Are, Origin and Eye Makeup Tips for Oriental Eyes  - Colored Makeup

Colored Makeup

Since they are much similar to Asian eyes. We have covered more makeup tips and details on Asian eyes and they should guide you on how to go about with oriental eye makeup. However, below are some of the few oriental eye makeup tips that can be of much help respect to eyeshadow, eyebrow grooming, eyeliners and mascara for people with eyes that are oriental.  You can also create various looks such as cat eye eyeliner or smokey eye looks as well use different colors of eye makeup.

Eyebrows for Eyes That Are Oriental

By properly shaping your eyebrows, you can enhance your overall looks. You need to start by creating a soft eyebrow arch.  If you have sparse or thin eyebrows, fill them using a good eyebrow pencil, which is a shade lighter than your hair color.

Eyeshadow for Oriental Eyes

Oriental Eyes – What They Are, Origin and Eye Makeup Tips for Oriental Eyes - Oriental Eyes Eyeshadow

Applying Eyeshadow for Oriental shapes of eyelids

If you have oriental eyes, you can enhance their looks by applying eyeshadow correctly.  The general rules on how to apply eyeshadow applies such as choosing several color shades or complimentary colors.  You also need to know the number of eyeshadow shades or colors you will be using.  When applying eyeshadow, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Prepare your eyes by washing them and applying an oil free moisturizer, foundation and other face makeup you might be using. You should then apply under eye concealer if you have fine lines, under eye winkles or dark under eye circles you would like to hide. This should be followed by applying eyeshadow base and eyeshadow primer.
  2. Apply the lighter shade of your eyeshadow on your entire eyelid
  3. Apply the darkest eyeshadow color on where your eye creases will have otherwise been to help create the illusion of receded as dark colors tend to recede while bright colors create advancing illusion.

This guide is for using two eyeshadow colors. You have the liberty of playing around with the various eyeshadow colors and trying to create different looks that could be subtle, dramatic, bold, etc.

Eyeliner for Oriental eyes

Eyeliner can help enhance the appearance of your eye types that is oriental. You need to apply eyeliner on both your waterline (inner eye rims) as well as on your lash lines.  You have a chance to try the different types of eyeliner colors.

However, brown or black eyeliner will be the most ideal depending on your eye color and other facial featur

Oriental Eyes – What They Are, Origin and Eye Makeup Tips for Oriental Eyes  - Colored Makeup

Colored Makeup

es such as skin tone and hair color. To add special flare on your eyeliner, make your eyeliner thicker on the upper lash line and thinner on your lower lash lines.

Mascara and Fake Eyelashes for Oriental Eyes

Oriental Eyes – What They Are, Origin and Eye Makeup Tips for Oriental Eyes - Mascara

Mascara can help create a charming look if you are oriental eyed.

To help emphasis your oriental eyes, it is recommended that you use mascara and false or fake eyelashes. This two will make them to look much bigger if they are too small. However, it should be clear that not all people who have them have small ones.

Furthermore, you should also invest in a good quality heated eyelash curler to help in curling the straight eyelashes that are common in people who have oriental eyes.


We have looked in details how to apply eye makeup for oriental eyes including mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.  We also discussed on their origin. You need to ensure you have also properly groomed your eyebrows to help create the look you need.  If you need to get more details, see our article on Asian eye lids, make tips, tricks, secrets and much more. It has many details including how to choose eyeshadow colors, tips, secrets and much more.

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