Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks

Asian women are the most stunning with adorable Asian eyes and lovely dark hair. If you are an Asian girl, learn more about what your eyes, their differences with Caucasians and makeup tips. On Asian eye makeup, we will discuss eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara and eyebrow makeup. Finally, you will get stunning  makeup tips that will ensure you are outstanding like Tatjana Patitz.

What are Asian Eyes – Definition?

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks - Fake Eye Crease

General looks of Asian Eyed Girls

Asian eyes refer to eyes, which do not have visible crease or fold on the upper eyelids (they do not have a large double eyelids and deep-set eye crease). Furthermore, theys are not as round and wider like African Americans or Caucasians. They slightly resemble almonds oval shape eyes but are a little narrower.

If you have them, these eyes are not only sexy, alluring but also mysterious and exotic when eye makeup is used properly on them. You do not need to go for eyelid crease surgeries if you are Asian eyed girl because with little makeup use, you can still look charming. I know that blepharoplasty is second type of most requested surgeries for Asian women but you do not have to go that way. There are many types of Asian eyes, which include perfect or evenly spaced, close set, wide setbig eyes,  narrow and thin eyes, small eyes, round eyes, small round eyes, prominent eyes, down turned eyes, deep set, triangular or three pointed, phoenix, and slanted eyes.

Some People and Women with Asian Type of Eyes

Are you Asian eyed? People and celebrities with your eye type include Grace Park, Maggie Q, Michelle KwanSandra OhMing NaLindsay Price, Zhang Ziyi, Jarah Mariano, Kelly HuLucy Liu and Margaret Cho. If you know any, you need to look at how they apply makeup on their eyes and try aping them.

Difference between Asian Eyes and Caucasian Eyes

The Asian eye shape or type can be attributed to a number of things. First, Asians have an orbital bone that is different from Caucasians and other people because lateral orbital rim can easily be felt if you touched it from your outer eye corner. It is about 3mm anterior of Caucasian eyes and 5mm for African American eyes. This skull difference has an impact on how the eyes will sit on the skull and affects Asian eyelids angular corners. This is why African American and Caucasians have more round outer eye corner than Asians do.

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks-

Asian Eye looks with some makeup

The second difference between the Asia and Caucasian eyes is the tarsus. This refers to fibrous strip like tissue that defines lower and upper eyelid margins. It is narrower, around 6 to 8 mm for Asians compared to 10-12 for African Americans and Caucasians. The upper tarsus edge that has fine filamentous attachments that link eye to eyelid and it determines height of lead crease. This attachment is weak for Asians that makes them have a single eyelid or monolids because they have no visible crease.

Finally, these eyes have a fatty tissue layer on their eyelids, which is not found in non-Asians. This fat layer separates tarsus and muscle and it increase thickness of eyelid thus it stops the eyelids from forming creases.

Makeup for Asian Eyes – How to Enhance and Make them Bigger

The main objective eye makeup for Asian eyed people is to make them is to enhance them, make them look bigger and more of like the Caucasian and African American Eyes. However, Asian girls can look very seductive and charming, just like any other woman in the world,  if they know how to apply eye makeup properly.

Furthermore, they can go for various looks including the charming smokey eye makeup looks, natural, colorful or any other style they like. On Asian eye makeup, we are going to look at eyeliners, eyebrows, mascara and eyeshadow and their tips to ensure you look stunningly beautiful.

Eyebrow Grooming and Makeup for Asian Eyes

Eyebrows help in giving your face a frame. You need to ensure you have groomed and shaped your eyebrows well. How you will shape your eyebrows is depended on your face shape. See best eyebrow shapes for different face shapes including round, oval, square, etc.

While trimming and grooming, you will use various techniques such as eyebrow tweezing, waxing, plucking, threading, etc. To help them look defined, if you have sparsely spaced eyebrows, consider using eyebrow pencils, tints or powders.

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Asian Eyes and Tips

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks - Sample way of applying eyeshadow

Sample way of applying eyeshadow for Asian Eyes

How you apply eyeshadow, has a very large impact on how your eyes will look like at the end of the day. You need to decide on how many eyeshadow colors or shades you will be using. See more on how to choose eyeshadows. Normally, you need a light shade, medium and darkest shade. How you apply these eyeshadow will determine your looks. To apply eyeshadow for Asian eyes, follow the below steps:

  • Apply the lightest eyeshadow on your entire eyelids using a small eyeshadow brush. Begin with back and forth application along your lash line, then upwards on your eyelid, crease to your eyebrow bone, below where your eyebrows begin.
  • Apply medium eyeshadow to three quarter way your eyelids from your lash line. Sweep it across where you would have your eye creases.
  • Apply the dark eyeshadow but let it not go all the way to outer eye corner and let it be next to your lash line.  Or
  • Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks

    Asian Eyed Girl with Eyeshadow and other eye makeup


  • Apply the darkest eyeshadow shade next to you lash line followed by the medium eyeshadow before you can finally apply the lightest eyeshadow on the outer half of your eyelids going slightly upwards and outwards at your outer eye corners. Use it sparingly to avoid completely masking your other two eyeshadows you have already applied. It creates a gradient like look where you can add more of the darker eyeshadow on the crease to add drama.
  • Blend the three eyeshadows outwards and upwards until there are no demarcations using a clean eyeshadow brush to get a smooth color graduation from darkest next to your eye lashes to the lightest.

Asian Smoky Eye Looks – To create smoky eye looks, you need to apply a thick line of a dark eyeliner such as black or kohl/kajal eyeliner. Gray eyeliner is also good for creating smoky eyes. Smudge it upwards and blend it thoroughly until you almost reach your brow bone. As you smudge upwards, the color will gradually be lighter and not all your color will be hidden. For bottom lash line, do the same and smudge downwards. However, this should be lightly done to where you feel comfortable but do not take it too far. See more on how to create smokey eye looks, tips, secrets and much more.

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks - Smokey Eye Looks

Smokey Eye Looks

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks - False Crease

Creating a False Crease

Creating the Crease – If you want, you can create the crease on your Asian eyes. Most Asian girls prefer to have the crease in place. All you need to do is to apply a shade that is a darker a few shades than your skin color and follow the normal steps on how to apply eyeshadow for any eye types.

For more emphasis, you can use brown or dark gray eyeshadow to create a V shape that extends to below your bottom eyelashes. Eyeshadow primer will be very important if you are creating the crease to avoid eyeshadow creasing, fading or migrating. False crease should be created on top of your eyeball when your eyes are closed.

Highlighting Your Eyes – To give your eyes a glow, ensure you highlight your brow bone, just below where your eyelashes begin from and on your inner eye corners. This will help in making your eyes open up and much rounder.

Asian Almond Eye Looks – To help create an Asian almond eye looks, you need to concentrate dark eyeshadow on your outer eye corner and create a V shape (>) on your outer eye corners to help elongate your eyes. Beginning with darkest eyeshadow on your outer eye corners, shade inwards until you create the V shape that will go below the lower eye corner lashes. If when done, you will not need to have a fake creases since it will create an illusion similar to the crease without working into it.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Asian eyes and Tips

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks -Asian Eye Makeups

Makeup tips

How you apply eyeliner for A

sian eyes can determine the looks you get. We are not going to mention more about specific best eyeliner types such as pencil, liquid, kohl/kajal, gel/cream or even eyeliner colors but we will generally teach you the ways to go about and you can decide on which colors will best flatter your eye color and other features you have.

To apply eyeliner, line your upper eyelids with a very thin line, which is almost on top of eyelashes. If this is a challenge, you need to line from underneath your lash line but ensure you are putting eyeliner between individual eyelash hairs. Your objective is to make your eyelashes appear thicker without applying a thick eyeliner layer, as it will make your eyes to be droopy. If you want your eyes to look wider and bigger, you should line your water line with pale or a good white eyeliner brand.

Also, line your lower lash line but do not go all the way to your inner eye corners. For subtle looks, smudge your lower eyeliner to make it less harsh. Begin lining from where you can see your lash line. You can alternatively smudge the darkest shade of eyeshadow you are using on your lower lash line instead of using eyeliners.

Cat eye eyeliner lookscat eye eyeliner or winged eyeliner look great on these eyes and they can help in changing the shape you your eyes.  Using dark colored eyeliner (blackor brown) eyeliner; create a thicker line as you move to your outer eye corner. Finally, create a flick or wing. See more on how to create a cat eye eyeliner for tips, secrets and steps.

How to Apply Mascara for Asian Eyes and Tips

Most Asians have eyelashes that are straight. It is good to curl your lashes before applying mascara (waterproof mascara is the most recommended). Once you have curled them, apply about two coats of mascara while drawing more emphasis to other eye corner. To add drama, you can try adding individual false eyelashes towards your outer eye corner too. They will add flirty touch and make you gorgeous. Curling eyelashes is important, as it will make your eyes to be more wide open. Do not forget also to apply mascara on your bottom eyelashes to help create a balanced look.

Video Guide for Applying Eye Makeup for Asian Eyed People

Before we look at makeup tips for people who have Asian type of eyes, it is good to watch the video to get more insight on how Asian eyed people can apply eye makeup.

 Asian Eyes Makeup Tips, Ideas and Secrets

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks - Asian Eye Makeup Before and After

Asian Eye Makeup Before and After

You have learnt how to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow grooming for Asian eyes. Here are a few Asian eye tips that will ensure you look spectacular.

  • Use small eye brushes – It is a fact that most these eyes are a bit smaller instead of the big fluffy brushes as they can make your eyes look muddy and ruddy. Pencil eyeliner brushes will particularly work well with eyes for Asians
  • Smoke or Shade Upwards – after you have applied your favorite eyeshadows for Asian Eyes, you should shade upwards to help create a uniform gradient that does not have any demarcations and a smokey eye look.
  • Do not forget your Lower Lids – For classic looks, never forget also to apply eyeshadow on your lower eyelid. This will help define your eye shape making it much bigger and rounder.
  • Blend and Blend – for great looks, ensure you have blended your eye makeup well until it is seamless and it has not demarcations.

How to Get Asian Eye Looks

Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks -Asian Eyes

How to get Asian Eye Looks

If you would like to get Asian eye looks, you need to know how to use eyeliner and eyeshadow as well as general face grooming. So how do you go about when you want to get Asian eyes?

  • Brush your hair backwards and secure it with a hair bad or ponytail holder that is sturdy. This will help in pulling back your hairline and skin around your eyes will be pulled back. You will immediately notice them getting the elongated Asian eye look.
  • On your eye creases, use a light beige or white eyeshadow to help hide the shadow formed by your eye creases since Asian eyed people do not have such a crease i.e. they do not have double eyelids like the western people.
  • Apply mascara on your outer up and bottom eyelashes lightly to help emphasis your eyes and make them look like those of Asians.
  • Use chapstick on your lips especially lipstick, lip stain or lip gloss to help emphasis your mouth shape and make it look like the one of Asian girls.

If you want to get permanent Asian eyes, you need to consider plastic surgery. This is rather a costly process, which will make you have these types of eyes forever.


We have looked at Asian eyes including what they are, their differences with Caucasians and African American eyes as well as makeup tips. On makeup tips, we covered eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and eyebrows makeup. The above Asian eye makeup tips should help you create the best looks ever.

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