Almond Eyes – Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Makeup for Almond Shaped Eyes and Celebrities

In this article, we are going to discuss on almond eyes in details including a appearance of these eyes, as well almond shaped eye makeup tips. On makeup tips, we are going to learn cover how to apply mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and how to create almond cat eye looks. In fact, you will get secrets that will help you get the Taylor Swift Almond eyes looks and the looks of other people and celebrities with these eyes.

What are Almond Eyes?

Almond Eyes Shape - With Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Mascara applied.

Almond Eye Shape – With Makeup

Almond eyes are truly spellbinding types of eyes that closely resemble upturned  ones. They are characterized by in inner eye corners looks like a tapered almond point and the outer eye corners that are upswept  forming a symmetric shape and hence the name. This look is considered a classic look and you will find many people trying to use eye makeup to create the almond shaped eyes.

There is a huge variation in almond eyes as you could have those that could be close set, deep set, wide set, etc. Your nose size and face shape will have an influence on how they will look like. There is a misconception that almond eyed people are common in a certain region, ethnicity or gender. However, the truth is that they are found in different regions of the world for both men and women. Of course, they are a popular type of eyes.

People and Celebrities with Almond Eyes

If you have them, you then share eyes with Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Leighton Meister, Katherine Heigl, Olivia Wilde, Christy Turlington, Emma Watson, Mila Kunis, Eva Longoria among many other celebrities

Checkout on how each of these celebs wears makeup and imitate them if you want great looks without struggle.

Almond Shaped Eye Makeup Tips

Almond Eyes - Gwen Stefani Stunning Look

wen Stefani Stunning Look with Almond shaped eyelids

People with almond eye shape can use light makeup to ensure they eyes are flattery. You simply need to take advantage of your classic looking almond eyes and enhance it further. We are going to discuss how to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara for almond shaped eyes.

The exact way you are going to use makeup will be dependent on the looks you want to create such as make the look rounder, larger, etc. If you have these types of eyes, you have the largest choice on which eye makeup to put on as well as how you can put it on.

Applying Eyeshadow for Almond Shaped Eyes

Eyeshadow can help transform their looks. To apply eyeshadow, you need to decide if you are using two, three or more eyeshadows and if they are going to be of the same hue or complimentary.

Generally, lighter colors will help create an advancing illusion while darker colors a receding illusion. Ensure you choose the right eyeshadow that compliments your eye color and other facial features.

Generally, lighter eyeshadow shade help in opening up your eyes and brightening them, mid tone helps in creating depth while the darkest eyeshadow will help in creating depth and defining eye shape. Here are the steps to follow:

Eyeliner for Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes Looks - Daramatic look created by eye makeup

Almond Eyes Looks – Daramatic look created by eye makeup

Most people use eyeliners to camouflage or hide imperfections, this is not the case with those who have these bewildering eyes. They should use eyeliner to enhance the almond shape of their eyes.

Some of the ways of using eyeliner includes creating almond cat eyes that will be discussed later in this article or applying it on your outer half of the lower and upper lash line. Ensure you use strokes that get thicker as you approach outer eye corner and thinner as you move towards the center of your upper and lower lash line.

If you want your them to look much rounder, do not apply eyeliner on the outer eye corner. Stop it as you are approaching this corner. If you want, your eyes to look bigger apply eyeliner only on the upper lash line.

Mascara for Almond Shaped Eyes

After you have applied eyeshadow and eyeliner for almond eyes, do not forget to maximize your eyelashes length by applying mascara. Dark brown mascara will be perfect if you find black mascara too much for you.

Furthermore, fiber and lengthening mascaras will particularly be very good. Of course, before you apply mascara on your almond eyes, you need first to curl your eyelashes. When applying mascara, begin from your inner eye corners outwards using stead strokes. You should also apply mascara to your lower eyelashes.

Finally, to enhance the appearance of their appearance, you need to apply two coats of mascara towards the outer eye corner while towards the inner eye corner, apply only a single coat.

Creating Cat Eyes on Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes - Creating Cat Eyes on Almond Shaped Eyes

Creating Cat Eyes on Almond Shaped Eyelid

Another way of making them look stunning is creating cat eye eyeliner, also known as winged eyeliner.  It is very easy and you will follow the below shapes to get a flirty look that will make your eyes a centerpiece, where you will go.

  1. To help your eyeliner to stick well, begin by applying foundation.
  2. While standing or sitting in front of a mirror, take your tube or pencil eyeliner and line your upper lash line beginning from your inner corner towards your outer corner. When you reach your outer corner, extend a bit beyond the outer corner. The best way to apply eyeliner is ensuring your eyes are half-shut as you look slightly downwards in front of your mirror to get the best view of your upper lash lines.
  3. You are almost done. You now need to create the wing shape at the outer eye corner. Simply flick a small winged at an angle towards your outer eyebrowedge. You could make the flick short, long, thick, subtle or dramatic. It all depends on whatever makes you look stunning and the occasion. You could also line your lower lash line if you want a balanced look. See more on Cat eye Eyeliner or Winged Eye Eyeliner for details, steps and tips.


We have looked in details what almond eyes are, how to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara on almond shaped eyes. If you have them, you need to know they are the classic types of eyes and stop hiding them in glasses for people not to see them.

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How do you apply makeup on your almond shape eyes?


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