What Causes Bags Under Eyes – Meaning, Symptoms and Prevention of Under Eye Bags Including Men, Children, Teens

What causes bags under eyes, what are some of their symptoms and how do you prevent bags under eyes? No one wants the disgusting under eye marks as they make someone to look old, tired and very dull. Learn what bags under eyes are, what symptoms you might have when you have bags under eyes and the various causes of under eye bags in teenagers, children, men, women and all people in children. We will also mentions something on prevention of bags under eye bags. To get rid of them see how to get rid of under eye bags for treatments, cures, remedies and creams

Causes of  under eye bags – What They Are and Prevention of Under Eye Bags

Bags under eyes

What Are Eye bags Under Eyes?

bags under eyes, also known as blepharochalasis refers to the stretching, swelling, and sagging of lower eyelid, which results to pocket like appearance, of your lower eyelid, hence the name. They come with aging and many other causes.

Although many people often confused bags under eyes with puffiness, the truth is that the two conditions are closely related. However, under eye bags affect the lower eyelid while eye puffiness affects the orbit around the eye (both upper and lower eyelid).

Furthermore, bags under eyes often result to increases downward pressure that creates pockets that are bulged on your lower eyelid. As we discussed the causes of bags under eyes, you will clearly understand what they are and how they are different from puffy eyes.

Normally when you have bags under eyes, fats often accumulate below your eye socket as you lose muscle tone. Of course, everyone has retro-orbital otherwise known as fatty pockets around their eyes to help in protecting eyes from bruises and bumps.

Sometimes, you could have under eye bags on your upper eyelids; they are often caused by eyebrows that are drooping. As your eyebrows droop, they exert a downwards force or pressure which with when combined with gravity force will create bulged pockets on eye corners and upper eyelids.

Symptoms of bags under eyes Under Eyes

Before we look at the cause of bags under eye, it is a good idea we quickly mention some of the common symptoms of bags under eyes. This will enable you know if you have under eye bags or puffy eyes, since these two conditions are much similar. So, what are some of the symptoms of bags under eyes?

Causes of Puffy Eyes - Smoking

Causes of Puffy Eyes – Smoking

Although not life threatening, if you have very severe and persistent swelling which comes with pain, itchiness and redness, see your doctor. Furthermore, if under eye bag swelling affects other body parts such as legs, hands, etc, see a doctor immediately for diagnosis.

Causes of Bags Under Eyes – Teenagers, Children, Men, Women adults.

The bags under eye causes are similar regardless of whether eye are in children, women, teenagers, adults, men or any other person. In addition, while discussion the causes of bags under eyes, you will realized they are much similar to the causes of puffy eyes. The two conditions are closely related and they share quite a number of similar causes.

However, we decided to separate the two conditions to make it clear to everyone. Since ways to get rid of puffy eyes could slightly be different from ways to get rid of bags under eyes, handling them differently will be a good idea. So what are the main causes of under eye bags?

Aging Bags under Eye Cause

The most common cause of bag under eyes is aging. As people are aging, their ligaments and muscles get weaker. They can no longer hold fats around the eye in their place. This causes fat migrations to areas below your eyes (beneath your eyes) where they will form bag like soft structures that are puffy.

Age causes of under eye bags can be worsened by other conditions such as stress, sickness and so on. Some of the common symptoms you will notice when you have bags under eyes caused by aging is the evident bulging of fats mainly on your lower eyelids.

Genes and Hereditary Factors

To some people the causes of eye bags flows in their genes (bloodline). It is common to get people who are still very young and they have bags under eyes already. Such eye on your under eyes could be caused by hereditary factors and genes if other family members also suffer from a similar condition.

 Diseases and Illnesses

There are a number of diseases and conditions, which have been known to be a cause of bags under eyes. Chronic sinus for instance when it affects someone severally could cause eye bags since the condition is often accompanied with fever, pressure on the head, as well as facial pressure and swelling. Other diseases and illnesses known to cause under eye circles include eczema, conjunctivitis or pink eye, anemia, and so on.


Causes of  under eye bags – Allergies

Allergies and allergic reactions can cause under eye bags

The other very common cause of bag under eyes are allergies.  When you are exposed to various allergens (allergy causing), you are bound to suffer allergies which will inflame your mucus membrane in your eyes. This will often cause swelling, irritation, itching and rubbing. As you rub your eyes, you are likely to develop eye bags and puffy eyes.

To be certain that the causes of bags under eyes is allergy; you will also have other symptoms such as stuffy nose, watery eyes, pain on the cheek and eyebrow area among others. Consult your allergists or physician for further help.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes is one of the common causes of eye bags to people undergoing hormonal changes, especially women during their menstrual flows and pregnancy. Hormonal changes often leads to water retention that can cause bags under eyes  and puffiness under eyes.  This can be made worse if the people affected take a lot of salt and other sodium containing foods.

 Lack or Inadequate Sleep or Oversleeping

The other common cause of bags under eyes  is inadequate sleep or lack of sleep. Normally, when caused by inadequate sleep, it is often accompanied by dark circles under eyes. Whether you are suffering from insomnia or you are too busy and you have hardly enough time to sleep, both the two will cause eye bags. Oversleeping can also cause bags under eyes, dark under eye circles and puffy eyes. Avoid bad sleeping habits.

Too Much Salt and Alcohol

If you are fond of salty foods or foods that have sodium, it is time to reduce them since they tend to cause bags under eyes and puffy eyes, especially the ones caused by fluid retention. Sodium, found in salt has a tendency of retaining water in the body.

Similarly, avoid too much alcohol, as it will cause body dehydration. Dehydration will cause bags under eyes in two ways, first, while you are dehydrated, your tissues, including under eye tissues will be flabby and weak thus this will cause bags under eyes. Furthermore, when you body responds to this dehydration, you will see under eye bags developing as it will retain much water to help combat dehydration.

Other Causes of Bags Under Eyes

Causes of  under eye bags – Excessive Crying is a known cause of under eye bags

Excessive Crying is a known cause of under eye bags

The other causes of bags under eyes include the following

  • Crying – Too much crying is a cause of both bags under eyes and puffy eyes
  • Mononucleosis
  • Periorbital cellulitis
  • Trichinosis
  • Chagas disease
  • Hypothyroidism

See also cause of puffy eyes for explanation and more details on the above causes of eye bags. Some of the causes of eye bags are much similar to those of puffy eyes.

Prevention of Bags Under Eyes

We have seen the causes of eye bags. It is time to look at ways to prevent bags under eyes. This will not cover in details the various ways on how to get rid of eye bags, but mention a few ways to prevent them i.e. how to stop them from coming and not how to deal with them when they are already there!

Even before we mention some of the ways to prevent bags under eyes, you already have an idea basing on the causes of the under eye bags we have mentions. Here are some of the common ways to prevent eye bags from occurring.

Causes of  under eye bags – Prevention of Under Eye Bags

Prevention of Under Eye Bags

  •  Ensure you have regular sleeping patterns for at least 7 to 9 hours every day.
  • Ensure you use good sunscreen creams to protect your under eye from the damaging effects of direct sunlight. Good sunscreens such as  Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Eye Moisture Cream With Sunscreens Eye Puffiness Treatments will be of much help.
  • Avoid nearly midday exposure to sunlight since during this time the radiations are much stronger. You can use sunglasses whenever you are going out at this time to avoid the strong radiations from causing under eye bags.
  • Ensure you always have the correct and balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Ensure you always have a sufficient supply of vitamins A, B, C calcium, Zinc, bioflavonoid, etc.
  • Drink plenty of water every day, at least eight glasses of water each single day.
  • Avoid too much consumption of alcohol and salt as the two as we saw while discussion the causes of bags under eyes are not good.


We have comprehensively covered what bags under eyes are, the common symptoms of under eye bags as well as the main causes of eye bags. From the above ways to prevent bags under eye, you should they do not come before you can start struggling how to get rid of these eye bags. So, how do you get rid of bags under eyes?

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