Upper Lip Hair Removal Tools, Permanent and Natural Solutions

The phenomenon of unwanted hair growth in women is also referred to as hirsutism. It can be caused by genetic or hormonal factors. It is estimated that 5-10% of women tend to experience this in their lifetime. Lip hair has a way of distorting feminine facial features. Due to how conspicuous it is, it tends to be embarrassing in most cases. This is why we bring you various options on upper lip hair removal and how to get rid of upper lip hair at home using natural methods. These can be used by grownup women as well as young girls who wish to eliminate these stubborn hairs.

How to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

When facial hair grows in men, it is natural and a sign of their masculinity. Facial hair in women though is undesirable and can drain away the self-esteem of the bearer. Fortunately for those that feel bothered by upper lip hair, there are tons of methods on how to get rid of upper lip hair. These include both temporary and permanent solutions. They work by hiding, getting rid of and removing the hair thus giving the face a break from unwanted facial hair. Below are various options on upper lip hair removal.

Waxing Upper Lip Hair

A safe and semi-permanent means through which to get rid of upper lip hair is waxing. This works by plucking out the hairs from the root. After the waxing, it is expected that there will be no hair growth for four to six weeks. This though can vary depending on an individual’s cycle of hair growth. Removal of upper lip hair through waxing can be done in professional beauty parlors or at home. In case you decide to do it at home, follow this procedure of waxing upper lip hair:

  1. Choose a waxing kit appropriate for facial hair from your drugstore. This can either be in the form of waxing strips or spreadable wax.
  2. To open up your skin pores, steam your face or take a hot shower before beginning the procedure. The more your pores open the easier it will be for hair removal.
  3. Depending on the manufacturer directions, heat the wax. Some waxing strips do not need to be warmed though. Check manufacturer details for this.
  4. Spread the now warm wax on the upper lip area with unwanted hair carefully with the applicator to avoid getting it to other parts of the lip.
  5. Wait for the recommended time and tear off the strip in one motion.
  6. Rinse off your skin ensuring no residue is left behind and in case there are any hairs left, manually pluck them.

Precautions on Waxing Upper Lip Hair

  • Once waxing has been done, take at least 12 hours before going out into the sun.
  • Waxing should only be done on hair that has a length enough for the wax to adhere to. If not, settle for another method.
  • While waxing in the initial times may leave you with a sore skin, the more you do it the lesser the pain you should experience.

Upper Lip Hair Removal Cream

How does hair removal cream work and is it bad for you to use it on the face? According to the webmd.com, depilatory creams work by dissolving the protein in hair thus breaking down its structure. As a result, any upper lip hair removal cream will break the hair at the surface as opposed to waxing which pulls off hair from the follicles. If you are looking for a method on how to get rid of upper lip hair fast without shaving or waxing, this is what to settle for. However, you will have to use the cream much more often since hair grows back faster. To use this:

upper lip hair removal cream

Upper lip depilatory cream hair removal

  1. Choose an appropriate upper lip hair removal cream. Among things you should consider while at it include your skin type, its sensitivity as well as the quality of hairs being removed.
  2. Before using it on your face, conduct a spot test by applying some of the cream on a sensitive part such as the inner wrist to see if you are sensitive to it. Check for directions on conducting the spot test and follow them. In case no redness or itchiness is experienced, proceed to use it.
  3. Spread the cream on the upper lip using the cream’s applicator and allow it work on the hair for the recommended time.
  4. Wipe off the cream without exceeding the directed time as the hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin if left on for too long.
  5. Rinse off your skin thoroughly ensuring no residues of the cream are left.
  6. The area could feel dry after you get rid of this facial hair. Ensure you apply a gentle moisturizing cream to sooth it.

Best Upper Lip Hair Removal Cream

While upper lip hair removal creams come without pain, using the wrong product can leave your skin irritated. This is why you should only settle for the best hair removal products.

Going by online facial hair removal creams, one of the best upper lip hair removal cream is Olay’s Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo. This comes in two options; there is a kit for fine to medium hair and another one for medium to coarse hair. This helps to cater for different hair structures giving every girl and woman an appropriate option to settle for.

Nair’s Moroccan Argan Oil Precision kit is also a good hair removal cream for the face and upper lip. It is a unique two step product that helps get rid of the unwanted hair while rebalancing and soothing the skin.

The Veet Face Hair Removal Kit also offers a great experience for the user. This is meant for use on the chin and upper lip. It also caters for sensitive skin. In addition to having an upper lip hair removal cream, it also comes with a gentle finishing cream.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes highly concentrated light beams to destroy hair from the follicles. The hair is therefore killed at the root making this a method of eliminating upper lip hair without it growing back. Although the experiences for the process differ from one person to another, webmd.com notes that most individuals will experience permanent upper lip hair loss after three to seven sessions.

While older laser equipment were not suited for people with light colored hairs or dark colored skin, these days they are advanced enough to enable adjustments according to the hair’s thickness, location and color. They also factor in qualities such as skin color. Before settling for a laser clinic, be certain to inquire about their laser equipment.

While upper lip laser hair removal is quite effective, it also is significantly expensive compared to other methods. It also has some pain experienced in the form of a tingly feeling. While choosing the location at which the procedure will be carried out, ensure you get the details on the cost which is likely to be determined by how many treatments you are going to take. Also find out if they offer any aftercare treatment.

To be assured of the quality they offer, compare before and after images of patients who have undergone the procedure. The professionals doing the process should also be licensed and experienced. For the best insights and to know what to expect, talk to people who have gone through the process.

Facial Epilators for Upper Lip Hair Removal

Epilation is a hair removal method mostly known for use on larger body parts such as the legs and underarms. Epilator machines can be used to get rid of upper lip hair electronically.

Facial epilator

Using a facial epilator for upper lip hair removal

While some epilators are too large for the lip area, there are those that come with smaller attachments appropriate for the face. There also are those that are specially designed for use on upper lip hair such as Epilady Facial Epilator.

Upper Lip Hair Removal at Home

While the methods discussed above require some level of experience and are best done by professionals, there are other options suitable for upper lip hair removal at home. These make use of easier shaving tools and techniques. Discussed below are some of these.

Upper Lip Hair Shaving

One of the most common and fast ways to get rid of upper lip hair instantly at home is by shaving. There are special razors meant for use on the lip to help in hair removal without worries. Such a razor is the Touch N Brow brand which is designed for shaving delicate neck and facial areas. Tinkle razor is also a great option since it is a single edged razor.

It is important that razors used on other parts of the body are not used for upper lip hair removal at home. Shaving the upper lip offers a fast solution. It is also not painful. However, shaven hair tends to grow back faster. This means you have to keep shaving every so often.

How to Shave Upper Lip Hair

Although most people do not recommend shaving the upper lip, if done correctly it can yield perfect results. Below is the procedure for upper lip hair removal through shaving.

  1. Start by wetting your face first and applying some shaving cream. Shaving cream should be applied in circles. Settle for one with salicylic acid to avoid getting razor bumps.
  2. Once done, hold your single edged and relatively new razor at a 45 degrees angle.
  3. While holding your upper lip taut over your front teeth, apply light but firm pressure and stroke the skin to shave downwards.
  4. Moisturize shaven area after you are done.

Tweezing Upper Lip Hair

Another option for upper lip hair removal at home is tweezing. The process involves the use of a pair of tweezers to pluck out hairs from the upper lip. The process requires patience as each hair strand is removed at a time. Although the process is a little painful, the results can last up to two weeks making it better than shaving. A pair of tweezers can be used time and again making it quite economical.

  1. Before tweezing the upper lip hair, start by prepping the skin. Take a shower to help soften skin around the lip. This will make it soft and supple and thus ensuring the hair slides out much easily. Apply some lotion too.
  2. Identify the direction in which the hair grows and place the tweezers at the root of the hair.
  3. Pluck out the strands in the direction of their growth to ensure a smooth finishing.
  4. Continue until all the hair is removed.

Threading Upper Lip Hair

Removal of hair through threading originated in India. With time, it spread around the world and is currently used to get rid of unwanted hair at home. Upper lip hair removal through threading makes use of polyester or cotton thread to pluck out the strands.

From a single thread strand, a double twisted thread is formed and held in the hands. This is then rolled on the upper lip hair and pulled off coming off with the hair. This helps pluck it from the follicle in quick succession.

This method works the same as tweezing but is more effective. It takes less time as a single threading swipe removes all hairs along a straight line. It also happens to be quick gentle on the skin since there is no way the threads will catch the skin unlike in tweezing.

Upper Lip Hair Remover Spring

The hair remover spring works in the same technique as threading but is more efficient and faster. When rolled on the skin, it grabs hair and pulls it out from the skin. This upper hair removal technique comes with the advantage of grabbing a number of hair strands each time making it fast. It is also chemical free and the tool is portable. The spring can be used over a long time which saves money.

How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair Naturally

In addition to the methods discussed above, there are natural home remedies that can be used at home to eliminate unwanted upper lip hair. Below we discuss how to get rid of upper lip hair naturally using home remedies.

Brown Sugar and Honey Homemade Wax

One DIY recipe you can make use of to get rid of lip hair involves the use of sugar to come up with homemade wax. Here is the procedure:

  1. Use two tablespoons of sugar and add half the amount of honey to it to make a thick paste.
  2. Add a few drops of lemon juice and heat it up in medium flame while consistently stirring to make the mixture thick.
  3. Apply this waxing paste on your upper lip hair using a spatula.
  4. Press the wax firmly with a cotton cloth and wait for a while.
  5. Pull off the cloth swiftly in one motion in the direction of hair growth.
  6. This should get the hair off your skin. Rinse the area off and apply a moisturizer on the skin.

Turmeric Powder and Milk

These two ingredients are commonly used on the skin to give it a healthy appearance. Used together, the combination can help in natural upper lip hair removal

  1. Mix milk and turmeric in equal amounts.
  2. Using the tip of your finger, apply the mixture on the upper lip hair.
  3. Wait for it to dry off on the skin before pulling it off your skin.
  4. Rinse off with cold water.

While the above upper lip hair removal methods work, results will vary from one individual to another. This is because the hair structures and growth cycles are different. In case your skin becomes sensitive to a method, change it for something mild enough for it to handle.


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