Thigh Chafing Bumps Causes, Treatment, Remedies and Prevention after Running

What is thigh chafing? This is a condition occurring on the thighs and mostly experienced after running, exercising and other strenuous activities. Commonly referred to as the chub rub, it can at times be accompanied by a rash, sores and bumps. We delve into its causes in males and females, treatments and preventive measures.

Thigh Chafing

Skin chaffing occurs when there is friction on the skin. Although it can occur anywhere on the body, nipples, underarms, groin and thigh chafing are most common. This often painful and annoying occurrence is common in people who run and exercise as well as those that are overweight. Some of the thigh chaffing symptoms include:

  • A burning sensation
  • Excessive irritation and stinging
  • Itching
  • Inflammation, swelling and bruising where severe.

Fortunately, there are different ways on how to treat and prevent thigh chafing. We get into the details of these as well as explore the causes of thigh chafing so you can avoid them and prevent recurrence.

Causes of Thigh Chafing

Thigh chaffing can occur for a number of reasons. Men and women both experience it in the same way. The causes usually give room for increased friction which in the long end cause skin chafing. The causes include:

Increased Friction

This is the most obvious cause of injury on the thighs. When there is too much rubbing of the inner thighs, chafing is likely to occur. The excessive friction could result increased activity or the presence of things that are rough on the thigh skin. To get rid of this cause of chafing, eliminate whatever is increasing friction.

Irritating Outfit

For people who work out, the wrong gear can cause you inner thigh chaffing. Wearing clothes that leave room for friction and irritation between thighs especially while walking, running or working out will leave you with raw red skin on the thighs. To avoid this avoid clothes that will trap moisture and opt for those that are moisture wicking. To avoid chaffing from work outs, alternate between lower body and upper body exercise to give the thighs a break. Also stay away from clothes that are too tight or loose.

Excessive Sweating

When there is excessive sweating on the thighs, it tends to give room for increased friction. This could leave the skin irritated and chafed which often times is painful. To eliminate the moisture, you can dust some talcum powder on the inner thighs before engaging in sweaty activities.

Being Overweight

When one has excess weight, the thighs harbor a great deal of the fat. This leads to increased friction as the inner thighs involuntarily rub more. While some of the remedies discussed later on in this article may work in the short term, the best way of dealing with this kind of thigh skin chafing would be to lose weight.

Wet Clothing

When you put on wet clothing, there is an increased probability for it to adhere more to the body thus causing more friction with the skin. To prevent thigh chaffing from wet clothes, ensure you put on well dried clothes. In case you engage in exercise or any other activity that leaves you with your clothes wet, change out of them as soon as you can.

How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

In order to prevent thigh chafing, you must decrease the amount of friction your skin is subjected to. Here are some ways to do this:

Proper Hydration Thigh Chafing Remedy

Water to get rid of thigh chafing

Drink more water to prevent skin chafing

When one is dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and this increases friction. The concentration of salts in the sweat produced is also high. These could contribute to thigh chafing. To prevent it, stay well hydrated by increasing your daily water intake.

Staying Dry

When you have wet skin around the thighs, the chafing gets worse. To avoid this, ensure that you keep your thighs dry. Apply alum or talcum powders to the areas you experience most sweating. These will absorb the moisture and keep the area dry. Also change out of wet clothes as soon as they absorb moisture.


When the skin is well lubricated, friction is reduced. A widely used lubricant for the skin would be petroleum jelly. In addition to being inexpensive, it is readily available over the counter. Apply plain Vaseline generously on the thighs to prevent chaffing. Other anti-chaffing lubricating products include ointments, gels and essential oils meant for use in reducing friction in runners and bikers. Monistat Chaffing Gel is quite popular among the professionals.

Wear Right Clothing to Prevent Thigh Chafing

In case you experience thigh chaffing during exercise, wearing the right outfit can help prevent the problem. Settle for moisture wicking outfits. Compression shorts can help in reducing thigh chafing. Settle for clothes with smooth seems to avoid the level of thigh rubbing against clothing.


Bandelettes are fun having and when worn have a way of making you look and feel good. They act as thigh bands and are not only comfortable but cute too. In addition, these thigh hugging garments prevent the rubbing of thighs in each step you make.

Anti-thigh chafing bandelettes

All you need is slide them up high to your preference and undertake your day’s activities normally.They do not fall off as you walk and come in different material. For lovers of a lingerie look you can have them in lace. There also are those that come in solid colors and fabrics.

Exercise to Avoid Thigh Chafing

Like seen above, one of the causes of thigh chafing is being overweight. Exercising helps in losing weight and thus avoid further chafing. Engage in cardiovascular exercise and lose the thigh fat responsible for the recurring friction. There also are some exercises that are aimed at toning the thighs. Engage in whatever feels comfortable for you.

Antiperspirants for Thigh Chafing

Huffington Post recommends the use of an anti-perspirant to help in reducing sweating between thighs. This is most appropriate for people whose thigh chafing is as a result of excess moisture. Swipe the antiperspirant along the thighs and apply as frequently as may be needed.

Anti-Chafing Shorts

The right clothing is important in preventing thigh chafing. While very short and tight denim shorts may expose your thighs to chaffing, there are anti-chaffing shorts that can act as preventive garments. Wearing shorts designed for anti-chafing can go a long way in resolving the problem.

anti chafing shorts for men

Anti chafing shorts

These are usually comfortable to wear all day as they are made of breathable light material that is stretchy. They are designed to wick away moisture thus keeping your inner thighs dry. In addition, you could also make do with other underwear garments as anti-chafing shorts. These include:

Under Garment Shorts

In case you are having trouble with your summer dresses and skirts, undergarment shorts give you security. With them under, the wind will never leave your undies exposed. Other than that, these shorts can help in dealing with the chub rub. Shop around for the perfect shorts and use them to avoid friction between the thighs.

Boxer Briefs

In case the idea of wearing more than one undergarment like happens with undergarment shorts is not your thing, settle for boxer briefs. These will leave you wearing one thing beneath your outfit which is quite convenient while still preventing thigh chaffing.

Thigh Chafing Treatment

Once thigh chaffing has occurred, it is important to treat it to avoid getting infections. This condition is rarely serious and will most of the time not require the attention of a health care provider.

To treat thigh chafing, use warm water and a mild soap to clean the inner thigh area. Pat dry and apply a treatment balm.

Once the area has been treated, give it time to heal. Avoid engaging in activities that would make it worse such as too much walking, running and exercise.

Inner Thigh Chafing Treatment and Solutions

Although the upper thigh is also vulnerable to chafing, inner thigh chafing is more common. Since it is quite vulnerable, it should not be neglected as this could cause infections. In case after putting the above preventive measures you still experience it, try the following inner thigh chaffing treatment at home.

  1. Using a mild soap and warm water, wash the chafed skin. Do not scrub the area and ensure the water is bearable as hot water could cause more pain.
  2. Apply some antibacterial ointment such as an anti-thigh chafing cream on the area to keep off infections.
  3. Keep the thighs away from touching and free from friction by garments as much as you can.
  4. Within two days the thigh chafing should get better. Refrain from engaging in activities that could lead to a flare up until you are completely healed.

In case the affected area is too painful, bleeding, swollen and crusted, it may be important to see your doctor so they can offer appropriate treatment to help prevent secondary infections.

Thigh Chafing Rash in Males, Bumps and Sores

According to, thigh chafing in males can occur just as it will in any other area exposed to friction. In severe cases, the chafing may be accompanied by a rash, blistering and bleeding.

The presence of raw bumps and sores in the inner thigh is difficult to treat as there is no way through which the thighs can be kept from touching for a long time.

To stop thigh chafing and the rash, bumps and sores that come with it, there are male workout shorts targeted at addressing areas that are most vulnerable. These have in-built compression liner and can be used to replace your cotton underwear as they can fit beneath normal workout gear.

For additional thigh chafing in men protection and relief, be certain to use a lubricant before exercise. Friction free powders could also help. Products with organic medicinal properties such as chamomile tea extract also tend to be quite effective.


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