The Best Essential Oils for Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is the condition that results in the skin developing fat deposits that end up giving the skin a dimpled look resembling orange peels. It is most common on the butt and thighs but can also occur on the stomach.We explore how this condition can be banished using essential oils for cellulite. We also offer you a list of the best oils as well as a recipe for a massage oil blend.

Essential Oils for Cellulite

Essential oils possess restorative qualities that are important in fixing cellulite. They can help in fixing hormonal imbalance which is one of the causes of cellulite. Others will promote the growth of collagen and thus encourage cell renewal. In addition, there are essential oils with diuretic abilities which help eliminate water retention. This way, the oils help in getting rid of the condition. Below are various essential oils for cellulite treatment, reduction and eventual removal which you can use at home.

Coconut Oil for Cellulite Removal

Coconut oil is used as treatment for various skin conditions due to its beneficial properties. Coconut oil for cellulite removal is an effective natural remedy for the condition that can be used in different ways. When massaged on the skin, it acts on the epidermis stimulating it for effective blood circulation. It also exfoliates the epidermis thus encouraging new skin cells’ growth. These are factors important to eliminate cellulite.

There are different ways on how to use coconut oil. It can be used in dry skin brushing of cellulite. It can also be used with other essential oils while making a cellulite oils blend. In addition, consumption of coconut oil can have positive effects on the body. Take three tablespoons each day or substitute other oils for it in consumption.

Juniper Oil for cellulite

Juniper essential oil for cellulite removal is yet another effective way of minimizing the visibility of cellulite. One of the commonly known juniper oil benefits is its water retention reducing capabilities. It has a purifying effect on the body as it gets rid of accumulated toxins which contribute to formation of cellulite. In order to get rid of the cellulite fat pockets, massage it on the areas of concern. You could also use juniper oil for cellulite in oil blend recipes. Mix it with olive oil or any other oil for maximum benefits.

Grapefruit Essential Oil for Cellulite

The grapefruit is known for its health benefits. It has detoxifying qualities that allow it rid the body off toxins. This helps to stop formation of cellulite while at the same time eliminating existing ones. Its high vitamin C content allows it to fight weight which is yet another cause of cellulite.

Grape fruit oil for cellulite reduction

You can mix some grapefruit oil with a carrier oil and use it to massage the areas of concern in the morning and at night before going to sleep. Consuming grapefruits could also work as a natural remedy for cellulite. Whenever you consume them, take enough water as they have a diuretic effect.

Almond Essential Oil for Cellulite

In most cases, sweet almond oil is used as a carrier oil for essential oils that are too strong to be used alone such as lemon grass oil. When used for skin massage, almond oil will help in stimulating the flow of blood which is important in getting rid of the fat pockets.

Cypress Essential Oil for Cellulite

Cypress oil contains astringent properties that help to boost circulation of blood. The oil also prevents the buildup of fluids which can be a cause for cellulite and also eliminates toxins. By controlling these contributing factors, cellulite and the bad fats are eliminated.

Dilute cypress oil with a vegetable oil. And use this to massage on areas with cellulite. Repeat twice each day to reap maximum benefits of this anti-cellulite oil.

Rosemary Anti-Cellulite Essential Oil

This helps to improve blood circulation and has the ability to combat lymphatic blockage. It also helps in circulation, properties which make it quite effective for cellulite elimination. You will need to massage the oil on the skin over a duration of time to get the best results.

Germanium Oil for Cellulite Treatment

This has skin toning abilities and thus helps in removal of cellulite. To quickly get rid of cellulite, rub this oil on the skin with cellulite each day. It also helps in detoxifying the body and can be used for hormonal balancing thus effective in reducing cellulite.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Cellulite Removal

Going by essential oils for cellulite and stretch marks reviews, rosemary oil is quite effective. The rosemary plant is known to possess qualities that help stimulate the circulatory system. It is good for the skin as well since stimulation of blood helps in reducing water retention. Fighting lymphatic congestion goes a long way in decreasing obesity as well as cellulite.

Cinnamon Essential Oil for Cellulite

This essential oil for cellulite helps in reinforcing the connective tissues. Its use will also help improve blood circulation. These qualities help it combat cellulite when used regularly.

Hazelnut Essential Oil for Cellulite Elimination

Hazel nut essential oil

This helps in skin softening which makes circulation easy and thus provide relief for cellulite.

Jojoba Essential Oil for Cellulite

Jojoba oil helps to control the production of sebum. It also softens the skin and is a great essential oil for cellulite.

Citrus Essential Oil for Cellulite

This enhances blood circulation and prevents accumulation of water in the lymph. It also strengthens blood vessels thus tightening the skin which is important for cellulite elimination.

Spearmint Essential Oil for Cellulite

This potent essential oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It regulates metabolic rates in the body and can be used in a blend with other oils to amplify its effects.

Tangerine Anti-Cellulite Essential Oil

Food grade tangerine oil is known to improve digestion and circulation of blood in the body. These help to drain away toxins.

Add a drop of food grade tangerine oil to a glass of clean water. Consume up to eight glasses each day. This will give your water some great taste and smell and should help you consume more.

Lemongrass Essential Oil for Cellulite

This not only has a great aroma but also helps in dissolving cellulite fat pockets. In addition, it helps in solving other health problems such as extreme sweating. Add lemon grass essential oil to any other essential oil for cellulite and massage on affected areas to relief cellulite.

Fennel Essential Oil for Cellulite Elimination

Fennel oil is attained from crushing fennel seeds which are known to contain a lot of health benefits and uses among them elimination of cellulite and weight loss. It can be used for massages as well as in recipes used to make oil blends meant for treating the condition. This oil though should not be used by expectant and epileptic women.

Patchouli Essential Oil for Cellulite

When the dried and fermented leaves of the Patchouli plan are distilled, they yield patchouli essential oil which is works great at eliminating cellulite. It also has diuretic abilities which is important in elimination of toxins from the body.

Tea Tree Oil for Cellulite

Tea tree oil is quite versatile and its antiseptic qualities has seen it gain popularity in its helps to work on improving circulation which in turn discourages the buildup of fat cells on your thighs and legs. Use it to massage the area as well as in your body wraps.

Essential Oils for Cellulite Brushing

Can brushing with essential oils help cellulite? This procedure alone may not cure the condition but will help in making it less noticeable. The brushing technique is popular in getting rid of cellulite. While dry skin brushing is most common, oil brushing for cellulite can also help. Start off by going for a natural skin brush as these are stiff but not too rigid. To do the oil brushing:

  1. Make a blend of essential oils. Pick any of the above and dilute it with twice the amount of a carrier oil.
  2. Using your skin brush, brush in the oil blend on the areas with cellulite in semi-circular motions directed to the heart.
  3. Repeat the strokes until all oil is soaked into the skin but be cautious not to overdo it as this will irritate the skin.
  4. Take a shower after this and pat your skin dry.

Essential Oils for Cellulite Removal Blend Recipe

The appearance of cellulite tends to be worse when an individual is suffering fluid retention. Poor circulation and formation of a fat deposit beneath the skin are also causative factors whose elimination will see a reduction in the visibility of cellulite.

Cellulite massage helps to activate the lymphatic nodes and cells. This helps to get rid of toxins trapped in the body as well as eliminate water retention. When done in the right way and exertion, it could help in breaking down the fatty tissue deposits forming cellulite.

Massage oil using various oils for cellulite can help remove the pockets from the skin. Regular massage with time helps to tone the body and get rid of the cellulite dimples. For the massages to work, consistency is necessary. Use the following cellulite massage oils blend recipe for the best results. Some tingly feeling may be felt while using the blend.

  • 10 drops of Orange essential oil
  • 10 drops of Cypress essential oil
  • 10 drops Juniper essential oil
  • 10 drops of Cinnamon essential oil
  • 1/4 cup Jojoba oil
  • 1/4 cup Hazelnut oil

Mix these oils and put them in a cocked vessel. Store in an area free of sunlight and use it to massage affected area with the blend before retiring to bed every night. Always shake before use.

While the essential oils used on their own or as a combined blend can help in reducing the visibility of cellulite, it does not happen overnight. It takes some time for them to work and they work best when used with other natural methods on how to get rid of cellulite.

Consistency is also important if the oils have to work. This calls for extra vigilance and patience in the process. Don’t give up too soon if no results seem visible after a few days. Keep using the oils for a while to see any effects on the cellulite.

Best Essential Oils for Cellulite Removal

According to, the top five essential oils for cellulite are Geranium, Rosemary, Juniper, Grapefruit and Cypress oils. These are the best as they are highly potent. They will help to flush out toxins, even out the skin texture and eventually get rid of cellulite.

In addition to picking the above oils for the best cellulite removal, it is important to settle for credible vendors. This will ensure that you get the best of the oil without having been interfered with. Ask around for referrals and check out consumer reviews before buying. You will be surprised what a little research can yield.

Among some of the commonly hailed essential oils brands is dōTERRA. They offer therapeutic-grade essential oils as well as other health products of high quality. Young living essential oils are also worth trying. Check them out for the various essential oils for cellulite reduction and removal.