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Step by Step Guide Wearing Makeup for Big Eyes

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If you are naturally endowed with big eyes, then you need makeup that makes them pop and draws attention to them. Think Aishwarya Rai’s big green eyes or the classic Marylin Monroe’s big blue eyes. It’s all about the right mascara, eye pencil, concealer, and well-trimmed eyebrows.

Makeup for big eyes
Makeup tips

Eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara

  1. First, prepare the eye area by applying the right eye concealer to cover any skin flaws, for instance, eye bags, or dark under eye circles. Go for a concealer that is an exact match to your skin and gently apply it around this area.
  2. Next, apply eyeshadow starting with the brow bones. Start with light, pale, and nude shades to highlight the upper lid area.
  3. Apply eyeliner starting with the lower region. Try to draw the line as close to the lash line as possible. If you have round eyes, you can opt for extending the line a bit on the upper lash line to give it that “Egyptian” look. Just curve the line slightly upwards on the outer edge. Apply the liquid eyeliner, (like our favorite, Stay All Day Liquid Liner), starting from where the iris starts all the way to the end of the lash line.
  4. Apply eyeshadow. Opt for dark shades such as bronze, gold, purple, or grey-black. These shades will minimize the risk of looking more like a “bush baby” as they draw away people to other facial features.
  5. Finish off with your favorite mascara. You can wear lash extensions for a more intense look, or you can opt for a more natural look by simply applying the mascara.

The good thing about having big eyes is that you have a large surface area on the lid. Therefore, you can apply 2-3 colors on it. Here are some more styles to try out, along with some tips to bear in mind

The Smokey eye look

It looks works great on big eyes. Simply prep your eyelids using a primer and foundation if required. Next, play with darker shades on them. For instance, you can opt for a grey shadow on the top of the lid or a deep chestnut. You can start with a gold shade on the inner eyelid and apply the grey shadow mid-point. Use a blending brush to achieve a smooth finish on the edges. Keep adding the grey shade until you achieve the desired dark-shade.

If you are concerned that they are disproportionately big, then you can start applying the shade from where the iris starts while thickening the shade towards the edge of the lash line. After the eyeshadow, apply liquid liner on the upper and lower lid. The line you make should be thicker and elongated at the edge of the lash line. Draw a thinner line on the lower lid and slightly smudge the liner towards the edge of the lash line using a pencil brush. You can finish off the look by wearing eyelash extensions. Lastly, finish the look by applying mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Remember to apply a concealer in the under the eye to brighten the look. Also, highlight the brow bone using a cream shade, or a small amount of shimmer. Alternatively, you can hype the look by drawing a thin line using the shimmer, just below the eyebrows.

Making big eyes look smaller

Sometimes you may want to make them look smaller. In this case, highlight the lower eyelids using a dash of mascara. Also, apply makeup that complements them to make them appear moderate in size. Here’s a great DIY on how to apply makeup on large eyes so that they appear smaller for beginners.

Lastly, the trick is to harness darker shades on the eyelid to cut down on its surface area. Apply primer on them, either powder primer for oily skin or cream primer for dry skin. After the primer, apply your desired eyeshadow-preferably darker shades.

Remember to trim your brows. This is the first step to a glam look.

Celebrity looks

Here are some celebrity looks to try out this festive season.

a). Mila Kunis bold, dramatic eye look involves a few strokes of mascara, eyeliner smudged at the edges, and a dark eyeshadow-preferably a light shade of purple.

Mila kunis - makeup for big eyes
Mila Kunis

b). Scarlet Johansson, more natural look, without make-up. Simply prep the eye area, fix your brows and you’re good to go

Scarlet Johansson
Scarlet Johansson

c). Aishwarya Rai, the look is awesome as a daily routine or for an event. Go for a thicker line on the upper lash. Prep the eye area by concealing any blemishes. You can also use a primer if you don’t want to use a concealer. Start with a lighter eyeshadow (probably 2-3 shades lighter than your skin) and go for a deeper color for your crease (We love the City Kits Urban Light Eyeshadow).


Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai



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