How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

White spots on nails tend to make people conscious of their looks. These tiny spots though a major cosmetic concern are nothing to worry about as they do not pose any health risks. Below we explore their causes, how to get rid of white spots on nails using preventive measures and naturally.

White Spots on Nails Causes

The appearance of white spots in the form of lines or dots on the nails is referred to as leukonychia. These can appear either on the toenails or finger nails. The condition is not serious and although most people think that it is mostly caused by nutritional deficit, there are many reasons you could have them.

The white spots can be caused by trauma on the nails leading to internal bruises which appear as white spots on the nails. Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis could also cause the white spots.

To eliminate these spots and discourage their growth, there are a few things you can do. Below are some ways on how to get rid of white spots on nails from nail polish as well as on your toe nails.

How to get rid of White Spots on Nails Using Preventive Measures

Once the white spots have occurred, there isn’t much you can do apart from concealing the marks on your finger and toe nails. It is however possible to stop them from recurring by putting into place some preventive measures. Below are some that are effective on how to get rid of white spots.

Be Gentle and Prevent Injury

At times, injuries on the nails will result in white spots on the nails. The white spot can show up up to six weeks after an injury to the nail bed. People with overly soft nails tend to be more prone to the spots as they are easily bruised.

In addition, you need to quit biting fingers, putting weight on them or using them to cut things. Nails are not built to withstand pressure and therefore you should be gentle on them to avoid injury.

Watch out on Manicures

The filing and buffing that occurs during manicures can do damage on the nails. While in the process, take care of the cuticles. Pushing them too hard or cutting them could cause some injury to the nail bed thus resulting in white streaks. To avoid these spots, be certain to set things straight so as to avoid injury during the process.

Change Nail Products

Just like while using skin care products, nail care products can cause sensitivity and react to some products. This could cause the nails to be spotty in case you start noticing them after you have had a change of products, try something else as the blotches could be indicative of this.

Healthy Diet

It is suspected that a deficiency in calcium and zinc minerals could contribute to white spots on the nails. To prevent this, ensure you take a balanced diet. Ensure you consume enough proteins, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. These should provide enough nutrients to keep your nails looking healthy.

Keep your Hands Clean

The white dots can be as a result of infections. To avoid this, always keep your hands clean and pay close attention to the nail beds. Wash them regularly and carry a sanitizer around if need be.

Wait for them to Grow Out

Where none of the methods discussed seems to work out in eliminating the spots, let them be and allow them to grow out. Since they do not represent any serious problem, the spots are only a bother to you and only a cosmetic concern and will cause no harm. Growing out the white spots covered nails requires patience.

Nail Polish

A certain and fast way to get rid of white spots on nails is to conceal them using nail polish. Start the process off by giving your nails a protein strengthener to keep the nails strong. Follow it up with a coat of your favorite color. If you don’t want to go all the way with nails polish, use a neutral color to cover up the white spots. And by the time the polish wears off, the spots may be gone or they will have grown to a point where cutting them off is appropriate.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails Naturally

When white spots are caused by fungus, natural antiseptics and antifungal products can help stop their growth. Using some readily available home remedies can go a long way in eliminating the fungus and promoting growth of nails so as to hasten their elimination. Below are options on how to get rid of white spots on nails naturally.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Cure White Spots on Nails

The use of hydrogen peroxide on nails facilitates the treatment of nail fungus. This helps to allow for regeneration of nail tissues and cells. This helps to accelerate the growth of nails thus help to grow the white spots fast. Use cotton swabs to rub around your nails.

Coconut Oil to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

Coconut oil is an antifungal agent and can help in treating toe and finger nails fungus which is a great cause of white spots on nails. Coating the nails with coconut oil also helps to keep moisture off. This way the growth of nail fungus is inhibited. Try applying the oil up to three times a day to reap its benefits.

Garlic for White Spots on Finger Nails

This contains potent antiseptic properties that help to fight nail fungus. Crush a few cloves to make a paste and apply this on your nails. Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Tea Tree Oil to Treat White Spots on Nails

This essential oil has antifungal properties and applying it on the affected nails is an effective means of controlling fungus’ growth.

Lemon Grass for Use on White Spots on Nails

This anti-fungal herb not only has antifungal properties but also stimulates the regeneration of new nail tissues. This way the nails can grow out faster and overgrowth of fungus is prevented.

Yoghurt to Eliminate White Blotches on Nails

This contains microorganisms that are effective in curing the causes of white spots on skin. It will help get rid of nail fungus and yeast infections. Apply some natural yoghurt on the nails and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.

How to get Rid of White Spots on Nails with Decolorized Iodine

Decolorized iodine serves as an effective treatment for white spots caused by fungus. For quick results, apply this on the area of concern twice each day.

Get Rid of White Spots on Nails with Vinegar

Another natural way on how to get rid of white spots on nails is by using vinegar. It contains antiseptic agents that are good at fighting fungus induced white spots on nails. Soak a cotton ball in it and use it to rub around the nails.

Tips on How to Get Rid of White Spots on Nails

To help you further deal with white dots on fingers here are some tips to make use of.

  • In case of persistent white dots on nails, take a break from using nail polish unless it is for the purpose of concealing the dots.
  • To avoid fungus induced white spots, stay away from white sugar and avoid prolonged contact with water as these are known to perpetrate growth of fungus.
  • When growing out white dots on nails, it could take up to eight months before they are gone depending on your cycle of growth.
  • Avoid as much as you can biting on your nails as this is likely to cause bruising resulting in white spots on nails.
  • To keep your nails healthy always and avoid their being brittle, always keep them well moisturized.