Coconut Oil for Cellulite

Toxins get stored in the body fat to prevent them from harming the vital organs. Within the dimples that form when one has cellulite are toxins too. As such, an increase in cellulite will result in an increase in toxins within the body. The best way to deal with cellulite is to eliminate the toxins and fat deposits. Coconut oil for cellulite and weight loss is known to be an effective treatment for this skin menace. Below we discuss how coconut oil for cellulite works and how to use it for maximum benefits.

Does Coconut Oil Get Rid Of Cellulite?

The problem of cellulite is widespread and there are many products claiming to get rid of it. Since not all work, does coconut oil get rid of cellulite?

Coconut oil is made up of Medium Chain Fatty Acids. This type of fats is known to have a unique form of metabolism that does not include the metabolism of bile. They undergo direct metabolism in the liver where the fats are converted into ketone, a simpler by-product than that produced by other fats.

These are easily absorbed and do not accumulate in the body. Instead they are circulated in the blood and help to serve as an alternative source of energy. They therefore have the ability to break down fat which is one of the causes of cellulite. Coconut oil for cellulite removal is known to be an effective means through which to restore an unevenly textured skin as a result of cellulite.

The efficacy of the oil used will depend on a number of things. The best essential oils for cellulite are always those that are pure and uncontaminated. In this case, settle for high quality extra virgin coconut oil for the best results.

In addition to using the oil, incorporate other natural means on how to get rid of cellulite such as adopting an anti-cellulite diet, cellulite exercises and adopting a healthy lifestyle. With these, you are likely to get rid of cellulite faster than you would when using coconut oil alone. Below are some ways on how to use coconut oil for cellulite removal.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Cellulite Reduction

According to coconut oil for cellulite reviews and answers to related questions, this remedy does not work instantly. However, used with consistency, coconut oil can aid in the reduction of cellulite. Below are different ways on how to use coconut oil for cellulite.

Daily Coconut Oil Consumption

When consumed, coconut oil helps to speed up the fat burning process. This is by inducing more energy to the body while boosting the metabolic rate. This keeps the body all energetic the whole day. Consumption also helps in flushing out toxins and body fat. With these gone, there is reduced cellulite in your body.

  • Combine this with exercise and a proper diet for the best results. Take two or three tablespoons of coconut oil before getting on your workout to make the exercising more effective.
  • Substitute other oils for coconut oil where possible in your foods.

Topical Application of Coconut Oil to Reduce Cellulite

Oils massaged on the skin penetrate through the skin to deliver their healing qualities to the skin. Applying coconut oil on the skin regularly can help in getting rid of cellulite. The oil massage will help stimulate circulation. This ensures that the toxins accumulated in the skin get an exit channel.

  • Apply coconut oil as a body oil daily. You can use it on the whole body or target areas with cellulite.
  • Warm up coconut oil and massage it on the cellulite to stimulate the skin and get rid of cellulite dimples. When done right, the massage will also help break down fatty deposits making up the cellulite tissue.

Coconut Oil Dry Brushing Cellulite Removal Technique

Dry brushing is a common method used to eliminate cellulite. It helps in improving blood circulation, tightens the epidermis as well as breaks down toxins that have accumulated in the skin resulting in formation of cellulite.

Dry skin brushing using coconut oil for cellulite

Dry skin brushing with coconut oil for cellulite removal

  • Dry brushing is best done after one has had a hot shower. Follow this up by applying generous amounts of coconut oil on the areas of concern and dry brush the area using a skin brush.
  • Always start the dry brushing from the inner parts to the outer areas while ensuring that the direction is towards the heart.
  • Take another hot shower after you are done skin brushing.

Coconut Oil and other Essential Oils Massage Oil

In addition to coconut oil, there also are other essential oils for cellulite removal. These can be used as stand-alone remedies but their effect is magnified when used together. This can be achieved by making a massage blend in which coconut oil can be incorporated.

  • A popular recipe for essential oils massage blends includes grapefruit, lemon, orange and tangerine oil.
  • Mix ten drops of the above oils and add coconut oil as well. Add a cup of a carrier oil and the mixture will be ready for use.

Use this massage blend on the areas with cellulite for its reduction and elimination. There should be a visible change within four to six weeks of consistent use. In addition to getting rid of cellulite, it will help minimize the visibility of stretch marks too.

Coffee and Coconut Oil Body Scrub for Cellulite Removal

A scrub normally is invigorating and helps to reduce cellulite. A coconut oil and coffee scrub is easy to make as these are ingredients that are readily available. You would need some coconut oil and coffee grounds. Other additional but optional ingredients include cinnamon powder, brown sugar and vanilla extract.

Mixed the ingredients in a mixing bowl until ingredients are evenly spread. Use this to scrub the cellulite stricken areas. Coffee helps in fighting inflammation and parenting the buildup of toxins and fats. The use of this scrub will help in breaking down fats and give the skin a glow and even texture.

Coconut Oil and Butter Homemade Cellulite Cream

Coconut oil can be used in making a homemade cream for cellulite removal. This is by mixing it with twice its amount of cocoa or Shea butter. When used on the skin, this cream penetrates deep in the skin to repair it and get rid of fat deposits. Applying this before going to bed every night will go a long way in helping get rid of cellulite fast.

For the best before and after results, you should settle for cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil. Although this is likely to cost you more, it will deliver better results within a short time. Keep using the oil in the different methods until results in banishing cellulite are attained.

Coconut Oil for Cellulite Dosage and Precautions

When using coconut oil for cellulite through consumption, it is important to take the correct dosage to see results. Various studies suggest that taking two to four tablespoons of the oil is an enough therapeutic doze. The dosage should however be started with a lower amount of a tablespoon and be progressively increased until you get to four tablespoons.

  • During the time of administration, watch out for intolerance and allergies.
  • Lactating and pregnant women should have low doses of the oil
  • Avoid taking more than the recommended coconut oil for cellulite removal.
  • Diabetic persons should consult their health care provider before indulging in coconut oil diet as this could alter the blood sugar.