Causes and Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips

For some people, having pink natural lips is not only beautiful but also a confidence booster. But maintaining this natural color is becoming hard due to factors like smoking, exposure to excess sunshine and taking a lot of coffee, which causes dark lips.

Most people with the black lips problem and are struggling to find the remedy which will turn them into natural pink color. Cosmetic manufacturers have realized this desperation and taken advantage. They have now flooded the market with many dark lips products. Some of them promise that they have the best lip lightener and using their products guarantees you the pink color in as little as three days.

How to lighten dark lips
How to lighten them

Unfortunately, most people have fallen for the trickery and spent a lot of money on purchasing products such as lip balms for black lips which don’t work. In the end, you find out that they don’t work or worse you end up getting pigmented lips which are far worse than what you previously had before starting the use of the lightening cream.

But do you know that the best remedy for your problem could cost you very little or nothing at all? I am talking about home remedies for dark lips. There are several ways that can get you those natural pinks you so much desire.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is used for several purposes. It is known to heal acne. But apart from this, the plant has also got Vitamins which enhances blood circulation and also acts as a toner and moisturizer. it has got properties which can lighten them in a very short time.


  • Grate the cucumber to extract juice.
  • Apply the juice on the dark areas and wait for 20 minutes then rinse off
  • I guarantee you positive results if you do this consistently.

A mixture of honey and sugar

A honey sugar scrub is very gentle and suited for the tender skin of your lips. Sugar is a very efficient exfoliator. It has also got glycolic acid which will protect them from toxins while honey is a natural moisturizing ingredient that can soften your lips and help restore their natural pink color.

Brown sugar is recommended for this remedy because it is gentler on the skin than its white sister and has got antioxidants which protect your skin from damage caused by sun exposure.


  • Mix one tablespoon of brown sugar with one tablespoon of honey.
  • Use your fingers to apply the scrub on your lips. You can lightly massage after applying the remedy.
  • Leave the scrub for a few minutes then rinse with clean water.
  • Do this every evening and you will see changes within a week.

Natural lemon juice

Lemon Juice has got citrus which makes it a perfect skin natural bleaching agent. It is one of the most known home remedies for pink lips.


  • Extract fresh lemon juice from the fruits. Do not use processed juice because it may contain harmful chemicals.
  • Apply this juice on your lips and leave it for a few minutes then rinse it off.
  • Do this consistently until you start seeing changes.
  • There is a probability that they will become very dry after applying the lemon juice. In such a case use natural coconut oil as a moisturizer. Lemon is an important lip lightener; you only need to be consistent when using it.

Beetroot juice for dark lips

Beetroot juice has got very many uses. It is known to prevent cancer, helps you maintain a healthy weight and is also a good source of potassium. The juice has also coloring pigments which make it an essential home remedy for dark lips. Beetroot juice has also got antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can protect them from harsh rays.


There are several ways in which you can use the juice to achieve your results. The easiest of them all will be eating the real vegetables. Beetroots are purple and sticky in nature. If you touch them, you will get a stain of the pink color on your hands, eating them will leave the color on your lips and. You can also massage them with the fruits to get the rich purple color.

You can also make a beetroot scrub by mixing the juice with white sugar. Use this mixture as an exfoliator. Scrub your lips using this remedy and you are assured to get pink natural color within no time.

Castor oil for black lips treatment

Apart from improving blood supply Castor oil can also be used as a lip balm. The oil moisturizes and protects them from drying and getting chapped.  The oil is also known to treat acne. All this are some of the causes of dark lips and therefore preventing them is also a remedy.


Apply the oil on your lips the same way you use your balm. In other words, am saying replace your  balms.

Rose Petals and milk

We all love roses, they are simple of love, but do you know that they also have a medicinal value? Rose petals have got anti-inflammatory properties which makes them useful for various purposes. They also contain oils and sugars which helps lock moisture into dry skin cells []. on the other hand, milk is a natural moisturizer.


  • Soak a few petals in milk overnight
  • In the morning, you can remove the petals and mash them with a pestle or use a blender to blend them.
  • Apply the mixture on them and leave it for 15 minutes then rinse them with clean water.
  • This is a perfect black lips remedy, but you need to do it daily to achieve desired results.

Causes of dark lips

If you want to achieve quick results, then trying to mix the above remedies. Apart from that, the best treatment for dark lips is treatment. The following are some of the causes you should avoid.

  1. Tar from tobacco is very harmful to your health, apart from causing dark lips, it is known to cause cancer.
  2. Taking too much coffee and tea
  3. Poor hygiene
  4. Exposure to excessive sunshine
  5. Allergic reactions
  6. Using cheap and low-quality lip products

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  1. There is the best advice to get pink lips fast and naturally. I have used honey and sugar scrub. It helps to lighten the skin tone of lips. Thanks for sharing such a great article.

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