Can you Get Rid of Freckles? How to get Rid of Freckles Fast

Before we explore how to get rid of freckles fast, let us find out what they are. Freckles are flat tanned spots that develop on the skin after consecutive exposure to sunlight. They are most common on the nose, cheeks, shoulders and arms. They are most common in people with fair skin complexion. Although freckles manifest themselves as uniformly colored spots on an individual, they may appear in different shades for different people. This could be yellow, brown, black, red or tan.

In addition to sunlight exposure, other causative agents of freckles are hormonal imbalance and genetics. With these in mind, can you get rid of freckles? Below we explore various ways on how to get rid of freckles fast using cosmetic procedures as well as home remedies.

How get Rid of Freckles Fast Naturally Using Home Remedies

Before trying cosmetics products and procedures which may be a little pricey, it is best to try different options on how to get rid of freckles fast naturally.

1.     Get Rid of Freckles with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains natural agents responsible for bleaching the skin. This can be used to reduce the visibility of freckles especially naturally forming freckles as opposed to those caused by exposure to the sun.

  • Squeeze lemon juice from a fresh lemon into a bowl.
  • Dip a cotton ball into it and rub it on the area with freckles.
  • Allow it to rest for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.
  • Apply a moisturizer on the skin to prevent excessive drying.
  • Use after every other day until desired results are attained.

2.     Cucumber

Cucumbers these all work positively for the skin and are rich in elements that are great at evening out the skin tone. These will help in clearing up freckles and revitalize your skin.

  • Rub cucumber slices on the area with freckles and leave the juice to dry.
  • You could also blend the cucumbers and apply the resulting paste on the freckles. Leave it on until dry before rinsing it off.

3.     Sour Dairy Cream

Milk based products contain lactic acid which acts as a natural skin peeling agent. When applied on freckled skin, it will gently slough off the discoloration. Use sour cream as a face mask to get rid of face freckles.

  • Use a quarter a cup of sour cream to treat the freckles by spreading it over the affected areas. Allow it to settle dry before rinsing it off with cool water. Pat the area dry.
  • Get some whole milk and use it as a face wash or rub it on the freckled part of the skin. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water.

4.     Almond Oil for Freckles

Almond oil is known for its many benefits to the skin. It can be used to clear up freckles and attain a uniformly toned skin fast.

  • Heat some almond oil indirectly by dipping a metallic bowl with almond oil in hot water. Once the oil has warmed up, apply it on the freckled skin and allow to rest for 15 minutes.

5.     Papaya

Another great natural option to get rid of freckles is papaya. It has papain enzyme which helps in exfoliating the skin and thus slough off the freckles. In addition, the enzyme has tyrosinase inhibitors which prevent the production of melanin. This with time helps to eliminate freckles from the skin.

  • Crash some papaya and add some lemon juice to it. Apply the resulting paste on the affected part of the skin. Allow to sit for 15 minutes before washing it off.

6.     Onions

These contain sulfur content which act as an exfoliative agent. They can therefore be used to diminish the visibility of brown spots and freckles on the skin. Red onions are the best for this.

  • Slice an onion and rub it on the skin twice daily until the freckles disappear. Alternatively, grate the onion and squeeze out its juice. Apply this on the freckled parts of the skin.

7.     Horse Radish

Horse radish is rich in vitamin C. It is one of the ways on how to get rid of freckles fast naturally. It will also help in eliminating other skin discolorations. Its antioxidant properties give the user a younger and healthy looking skin.

  • Add a tablespoon of horseradish powder in a cup of milk and boil. Allow it to cool and apply on the skin. Let it sit for up to 15 minutes before washing it off. Repeat procedure twice daily.
  • You could also make a paste using grated horseradish and juice from one lemon. Apply this on the freckles and allow the paste to dry. Use cold water to wash it off and repeat procedure daily.
  • Alternatively, just dab some horseradish juice on the skin and leave it on for ten minutes before washing it off. Repeat until desired results are attained.

How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face, Arms, Lips and Legs Fast Using Commercial Products

Where time and resources are limited and you would rather get a ready to use product to fade and eliminate your freckles, you could opt for over the counter products.

Creams containing oxybenzone and hydroquinone are effective and work quite fast in eliminating freckles. These should however not be used for too long as they could cause skin damage.

For persons with sensitive skin, creams with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, kojic acid, mulberry and licorice extract are the best. These are gentle on the skin and pose no danger on it making the process of lightening the freckles quite soothing.

While using over the counter freckle removal creams, always check out the manufacturer instructions and be aware of suggested precautions. Although the rate at which the effects are seen will vary from one person to another, the freckles should start fading within a week of use.


How to Get Rid of Freckles Fast through Medical Procedures

Where the natural and home remedies to get rid of freckles do not seem to work, it is best to seek stronger treatments. These can be offered by professionals. Although pricey, the procedures on how to get rid of freckles fast discussed below are quite effective and will yield a visible change immediately.

Laser Fast Freckles Removal

Laser treatment is a form of treatment that uses beams of light to get rid of the freckles instantly. The treatment focuses on affected areas and is conducted by a laser surgeon. More than one session may be recommended to have the skin tone evened out. Before the procedure is conducted you may be required to go through dermatological tests that prove the freckles are not cancerous.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL)

IPL is a light technology used to treat skin related problems for cosmetic purposes. It can be used to diminish the visibility of freckles quickly. Although more than one treatment session done in three weeks intervals may be necessary to eliminate them, an even complexion is assured at the end of the treatment. Visible change can be attained immediately the treatment is done with an even skin attained at the end of the sessions.


Cryosurgery refers to the use of frozen cryogens to treat skin conditions. Liquid nitrogen is the most used cyogen and is used to lightly freeze freckles. The liquid nitrogen is applied in the area and allowed to work on it clearly up the skin.

How to get Rid of Freckles on Face Overnight

Can you remove freckles overnight? While freckles take a while to clear up, there are night treatments that can help better them overnight. Castor oil is one such remedy used to get rid of freckles on the face overnight. It can be used to even out the skin. When applied on the skin, it gives it a tan evening out the freckled skin. Apply the oil before going to sleep and rinse it off in the morning.