Acne Scars Pictures and How to Hide Acne Scars

This post uses acne scars pictures to enhance understanding using severe acne scars pictures, celebrities with acne scar pictures as well as differentiate between rolling and raised acne scars with pictures. It also explains how to hide acne scars using makeup, without makeup and in guys.

How to Hide Acne Scars

Acne scars can make one self-conscious. The only way to get rid of them permanently is to seek treatment. However, there are methods on how to hide acne scars using makeup.

The first step in successful use of makeup is to have a clean and moisturized skin. This enhances its appearance and the staying power. Start off by applying a silicone based primer. This helps to fill u any lines and evens out the skin’s texture which may be part of the scarring. It also ensures that the makeup does not cake.

Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. Picking one that does not will only make the scar more conspicuous. Use a shade that is closest to your natural skin color. Where you can’t get one, go for one shade lighter but not darker as this will not work in hiding the scars.

The concealer should be used sparingly. Using too much will make it cake and make the acne scars even more visible. Only apply a light layer to spread over the area you want to conceal. Beginning with little makes it easy to add as opposed to using much which will be hard to reduce.

When using cream concealers, use your middle finger to apply it. Be sure to clean and dry your hands before this. Since the fingertip is warm, it makes the product spread easily. To blend it out, use some light tapping motions. Follow the concealer with foundation.

To increase your makeup’s staying power, use powder to set your concealer and foundation. This will help to keep everything in place for the whole day. Ensure that you are done blending the concealer and the foundation before applying the powder.

In cases where you have red acne scars, you can use a green concealer prior to using regular concealer. Since red and green are complementary colors, they will cancel each other out when applied in equal color shade strengths. Remember nor to overdo it lest you are left with a green spot.

The main thing to put in mind is to ensure that make up is used in a way that leaves a person looking natural as much as possible.

How to Hide Acne Scars with Makeup – Best Makeup to Hide Acne Scars

When choosing products on how to hide scars with makeup, a mineral powdered base should be considered. It does a great job in blending in and hiding the scars. This will go well with liquid foundation which will smooth out your skin. To better your results, go for products that are specially made for concealment of acne scars. When at a makeup store, you can take advantage of the presence of professionals to help you in picking up your products. Having the right makeup makes the exercise successful.

How to Hide Acne Scars without Makeup

Mostly, makeup is the most used method of hiding acne scars. However, for people who are not comfortable or do not want to go the full length covering up the scar, you can divert attention to other facial parts. Wear heavy makeup on your eyes. This will draw attention to them and away from the scars. Lip glosses and lip sticks can also help.

How to Hide Acne Scars for Guys

In current times, makeup for guys is readily available. This can play a big role in hiding acne scars even for men who are not regular makeup users. Start off by moisturizing the face with an SPF product. Follow this up with a green cover stick. Use it on the acne scars only. Follow this with water proof liquid foundation to cover up the scars. It will also make the scarred area appear lighter which perfects the cover up. This is a great quick fix. To get rid of them completely, seek treatment.

Acne Scar Pictures

Whether one is having home treatment or treatment at the dermatologist’s, acne scar pictures are important. When doing self-treatment, they help one to monitor if the home remedies are working with time. A look at how the scars looked when starting off and some few weeks later will help in deciding whether one should continue usage or if they should try another method.

Acne Scars Pictures Before and After Treatment

After one has had a consultation with the dermatologist, it is important to request that they show you acne scar pictures before and after treatment. These will help you gauge how effective the method is in getting rid of your type of acne scars. It will also help in reassuring you or even make a decision on what you feel suits you depending on your expected results and what you see.

Severe Acne Scars Pictures – Images

Severe scarring forms as a sequel of severe cystic or inflammatory acne. This normally presents itself in a cosmetically disfiguring form. This kind of scarring requires aggressive treatment. The severity can present itself in the form of hypertrophic, atrophic or keloid scars. Severe acne scars pictures can help tell them apart.

Celebrities with Acne Scars Pictures

When acne strikes, it does not consider anyone’s social status or how often they are likely to have camera lights flashing in front of them. There are many celebrities with acne scars pictures around the web. This goes to show that at times, when it becomes too much, we can let it all go and learn to live with the scars. Below are some celebrities who suffer acne scars.

Cassandra Bankson: Cassandra rose into world fame when she broadcast her makeup trickery that helped her conceal her severe acne scarring. She was 19years then and her You tube video has been watched by millions.


Miley Cyrus: Topping our list of celebrities with acne scars is this songwriter and actress. Her scarring is spread all over her face but is most visible on her forehead even with makeup on.


Britney Spears: This popular singer has seen it all when it comes to acne scarring.


Victoria Beckham: The wife of a renowned footballer, Victoria’s face is packed with acne scars which she conceals with makeup.


Megan Fox: Despite her accomplishment in the modeling and acting world, she has acne scars. These have none the less not prohibited her growth in fields that are perceived to want flawless skin.


Cameron Diaz: This actor has her cheeks full of acne scars.

With these superstars having had to battle this condition, one thing is certain: they never let it get in their way. You too should not.

Raised Acne Scars Pictures

Raised acne scars can help us differentiate between keloid and hypertrophic types of acne scars. Keloids just like atrophic acne scars are raised. However, they (keloids) spread beyond the site of acne inflammation while the atrophic type is confined within the area of acne wound.

Rolling Acne Scars Pictures

Rolling acne scars result in skin contour irregularities. These normally require skin resurfacing. One can use lasers for these. Rolling scar acne pictures can be used to show the effectiveness of each method through before and after images.

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